Visiting Professor Program

Visiting Professor Program strengthens international cooperation.

The Visiting Professor Program brings internationally recognized scholars for visits at the City Centre Campus of the University of Helsinki. A yearly call for applications is open 24.4.–31.5.2024. The selections will be announced in August 2024.

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The search for visiting professors

The mission of HSSH is to support multidisciplinary research, cross-faculty cooperation and methodological development at the City Center Campus. In order to support this, we invite proposals for HSSH Visiting Professor positions for 2025. 

The program aims to support international research networks at the city center campus. All HSSH-affiliated research groups can propose candidates. We are seeking visiting professors that will catalyze research group cooperation inside the university of Helsinki by serving more than one research group, and enhance interdisciplinary debates and help.

Requirements and compensation:

  • The application for a Visiting Professor must be submitted by a PI at the University of Helsinki and the application must be supported by another PI at the University of Helsinki.
  • At the end of the application process HSSH formally invites the accepted Visiting Professor to the University of Helsinki.
  • The Visiting Professor Program includes a minimum of two weeks research visits per year present at the City Centre Campus in Helsinki.
  • A compensation of 4000 euros for the Visiting Professor and funding for travel and accommodation fees.

The PIs at the University of Helsinki have an important role in hosting the visiting professors and acting as a strong point of contact between the Visiting Professor and the research group. 

For more information on the Visiting Professor Program, contact Pekka Mäkelä 

The yearly call for applications is 24.4.–31.5.2024.

Send your application via this e-form.