Equipment Library

HSSH equipment library lends research equipment.

HSSH Equipment Library lends portable research equipment to support the needs of research groups. All Center Campus researchers can borrow the equipment, and they can also be lended to students working on their Master’s Theses, who have a recommendation from a supervisor.

You can borrow sound recorders, video and still cameras, different kinds of microphones and additional equipment such as camera stands and small lights. As a latest addition, you can also borrow sets collected in camera bags. One set includes a 4k video camera, a lapel and an on-camera microphone, headphones, a LED light, a video grip, batteries and a camera stand.

At the moment you can borrow equipment by contacting In the near future the plan is to have an online database, which will make the process easier, and will include a complete list of available equipment.

The equipment library is located at the HSSH Office at Fabianinkatu 24 A, 4th floor.