HSSH upcoming events
New Research Culture

The New Research Culture lecture series deals with the burning issues of the humanities and social sciences research as well as the possibilities of the future. The main theme of the lecture series is the promotion of new multidisciplinary research culture in the humanities and social sciences.

Each New Research Culture keynote speaker shares his or her views on how the humanities and social sciences should react now and in the future. What to research, how to research, and how to better show the need for SSH research in society?

Brown Bag Seminar

The Methodological Unit organizes a weekly Brown Bag Seminar to highlight novel methodological approaches in humanities and social sciences. The idea of the meetings is to introduce methodological innovations and cutting-edge research in various disciplines in an easily accessible manner and have an interdisciplinary discussion in an easy-going atmosphere over lunch. Bring your own lunch, we bring fresh methodological topics!

Friday Coffee

Need help with data science? Want to speak about research approaches and methodological choices? Hitting some issues with actually implementing research methods? Would you like to discuss your topic of research with someone? Feeling curious about dataficationdigitalisationmachine learningAI, computational methodsstatistical modelling, automated analysis of text, images or other qualitative data analysis or some other methodological topics?

Welco­me to the Fri­day Cof­fee by HSSH and CSDS eve­ry Fri­day from 14:00 to 15:00!



The Methodological Unit of HSSH organizes courses and workshops on methodology, data processing and data analysis in the social sciences and humanities. Follow our social media channels or newsletter to receive information on upcoming workshops.