Catalyst Grant funding
HSSH funding for research groups.

HSSH Catalyst Grants offers seed money for research groups to enable new initiatives, enhance sharing of research data and acquiring equipments. Call for yearly grant applications is open in October. 

Previous Catalyst Grant funding

The Catalyst Grant funding in 2022 for HSSH research groups achieved great popularity with 62 applications submitted. The projects cover a wide range of subjects from social and economic themes to epidemiology and human interaction. Most of the applicants employ methods from sociology, social and educational sciences, linguistics or economics. Multi- and interdisciplinarity are also common features. Funding is used mainly to acquire equipment, hire researchers and assistants, as well as cover seminar and travel expenses.

Warm thanks to all applicants and congratulations to the funded projects!

Please see the list principal investigators of the funded projects below.

  • Ahmed Kazimuddin
  • Bastubacka Johan
  • Cowley Benjamin Ultan
  • Einiö Elina
  • Eloranta Jari
  • Gasche Malte
  • Halko Marja-Liisa
  • Hallamaa Jaana
  • Hannula Markku
  • HeinonenTuuli
  • Hiippala Tuomo
  • Hotulainen Risto
  • Junttila Santeri
  • Katsui Hisayo
  • Kauhanen Tuukka
  • Kärki Kaisa
  • Laaksonen Salla-Maaria
  • Lahelma Antti
  • Lappi Otto
  • Lipponen Jukka
  • Lüpke Friederike
  • Mäntynen Anne
  • Palander-Collin Minna
  • Pettersson Katarina
  • Sorjonen Marja-Leena
  • Säntti Janne
  • Tervaniemi Mari
  • Varfolomeeva Anna
  • Wernick Alina