Doctoral education

Doctoral degree is the highest academic degree and qualifies the graduate first and foremost for research positions. It gives abilities and skills to do research but also to work in businesses, in the industry or as a civil servant.

The Faculty of Biological and environmental sciences conducts multidisciplinary research of high national and international esteem. Doctoral researchers are significant contributors to this research. Some sixty doctors graduate from the Faculty every year.

The degree consists of a doctoral dissertation and of 40 credits of theoretical studies. The core of the doctoral degree is research conducted under an experienced researcher’s supervision. In addition, the public defence of the dissertation is an integral part of doctoral studies.  

Doctoral study right is applied from the doctoral programmes but the study right is awarded by the Faculty.  When applying, the applicant has to state a target degree and a Faculty in the application based on their previous degree and the subject of their dissertation. Doctoral programmes organise courses and seminars and provide doctoral researchers with systematic education and supervision in their fields.