Education and studying

The Faculty’s three broad-based bachelor’s programmes encompass all fields of the biological and environmental sciences, from molecules to global issues. After bachelor’s studies in molecular biosciences, biology or environmental sciences, students can explore, in depth, a discipline of their choice in a range of master’s programmes. Some of our students graduate as subject teachers in biology.
Life Science

As Finland’s largest life sciences campus, Viikki offers a unique environment for studying and for the research groups active at the Faculty. From the start, our students get to be part of an international community of students and researchers. We also operate on the Lahti University Campus and at our research stations: the Tvärminne Zoological Station in Hankoniemi, the Lammi Biological Station in Hämeenlinna and the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Enontekiö. This infrastructure serves as the foundation for teaching whose quality is comparable to that of international top universities.

Bachelor’s and master’s theses

A bachelor’s thesis is a written work based on scholarly publications on a research question relevant to the discipline. Support and guidance for writing the thesis is provided by the supervisor and the bachelor’s thesis seminar. Most master’s theses are completed in research groups as limited research projects, in the form of research publications. For this, the University of Helsinki offers unique opportunities in the hundreds of research groups active in our disciplines. Our education provides graduates with good qualifications to move on to employment or continue pursuing a research career in one of the many doctoral programmes of the University.

Our teaching is based on research