The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences conducts world-class multidisciplinary research in environmental sciences and life sciences. Our broad-based research ranges from the investigation of the molecular structures of life to major questions relating to the ecosystem, as well as human health and wellbeing.
Profile and focus areas

The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences is a research leader in fields spanning all the Faculty’s research programmes:  

  • Molecular and cellular biosciences  

  • Organismal and evolutionary biology  

  • The ecosystem and environmental sciences  

Specific fields of excellence include the following:   

  • Ecology and evolutionary biology 

  • Plant biology 

  • Genetics/genomics, molecular and cellular biology

  • Metabolism and neurobiology  

  • Environmental change and sustainable development research in the Arctic, Baltic Sea, and urban environments   

We participate in several national and international research projects and networks.

Extensive basic research

Our international and high-quality research units and groups carry out basic biological and environmental research whose results are needed and used at an accelerating rate to tackle challenges associated with the wellbeing of humans and the environment. Our broad-based basic research offers limitless opportunities for the public utilisation of research findings.