European area and cultural studies

European area and cultural studies examines Europe as a cultural, historical and societal phenomenon. The multidisciplinary research in the field emphasises the notion of the cultural formation of regions, places, identities, conceptions and everyday life. Both the past and present of Europe are examined from a critical perspective. The research focus is on cultural theory, concepts related to cultural studies and approaches in cultural history. As a contemporary discipline, European area and cultural studies is quick to take up new cultural phenomena and research methods.

Focus areas for research include

  • European cultural studies
  • European cultural history
  • Critical cultural theory
  • Popular culture, media culture and visual culture
  • Digital culture and social media
  • Ethnicity, minorities and migration
  • Identities and gender
  • European spaces, places and regions
  • Postcolonial perspectives on Europe
  • Political change and power in Europe.
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