Asian studies

South Asian studies focuses on cultures and societies in the region. South Asia is currently one of the most dynamic, rapidly evolving and diverse regions in the world. On a global scale, India’s impact particularly on the economy, high-tech research, information technology, the arts and the entertainment industry is growing fast.

East Asian studies examines the development of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cultures and societies, focusing among other things on their history, religions, politics, ethnic communities, migration and intercultural interaction. East Asia is approached from an interdisciplinary perspective, with the related research highlighting the formation of regions, locations, identities, influences and conceptions in the present and the past. The dominant languages of the region can be studied at the basic-, intermediate and master level in the BA/MA Programmes in Languages, or individual courses can be completed at the Language Centre.

Focus areas for research include

  • Nationalist and religious identities
  • Female agency
  • Migration
  • Imperialism and politics
  • Historical geography and cultural history
  • Intercultural interaction
  • Popular and comparative historiography
  • Diplomacy and foreign affairs
  • Chinese/Indian/Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese communities and cultures
  • Digital culture and society.
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