International staff exchange weeks (ISEW)
Due to the coronavirus situation, University of Helsinki is not receiving visitors for the time being: all ISEW options are also on hold.

Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki

Stay tuned, safe and healthy!

University of Helsinki welcomes non-academic staff from partner universities to network, benchmark and share their expertise with colleagues around Europe. International Staff Exchange Weeks (ISEW) provide a unique opportunity to update your professional skills and revise your routines. Our ISEW weeks focus on practical-based approach to topics of mutual interest - and we even manage to have fun along the way!

Besides the traditional ISEW weeks, we now offer also the ISEW Club: a two-day workshop offering a targeted platform for networking, benchmarking and sharing best practices with your peers. We focus on themes that are necessary for any HE organisation so you can enhance your knowledge and develop the provision of your service in a professional yet relaxed setting. In addition to effective working, participants will have time for building their new network of professionals.