Campaign results

The University of Helsinki’s Best for the World fundraising campaign raised a total of €48 million in donations. Thanks to these donations, the University can continue making new innovations and conducting research of a high standard. The University of Helsinki seeks to build meaningful partnerships even in the future and a new fundraising campaign will be launched autumn 2018. We are inviting you to join us in building a better future and solving global challenges.

Thank you, donors , alumni and partners! More than 2000 donors have joined the University of Helsinki’s fundraising campaign with gifts totalling over € 52 million.


  • A total of over €52 million in donations from over 2000 donors by the end of June 2018.  
  • Largest donations: €4 million Maija Lehtonens legacy, €3 million Svenska Kulturfonden, €3 million Jane ja Aatos Erkon säätiö, €3,3 million Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds Minne, €2,5 million Bank of Finland, €2 million Viena Tuomikoskis legacy, €1,5 million Nokia and €1,0 million OP Group.
  • The donors came from the following categories: trusts 46 %, companies and private sector 23 %, private individuals 31 %. 
  • Read the list of donors (in Finnish) >>

Are you interested in donating, or would you like to establish a foundation or organise a donation drive to commemorate a special date? An endowed professorship can establish a completely new field of research at the University, while bequests can make a significant contribution with the assets we leave behind. We are happy to tell you more about donation options and University of Helsinki Funds. Please contact us by email or phone. >>