Develop your work community and organisation
Tailored, impactful development solutions provide your organisation with an accurate understanding of the future.

HY+ is a limited liability company owned by the University of Helsinki Funds, which specialises in the provision of training services and career-oriented development solutions. HY+ provides training and development services relating to, for example, communication, wellbeing, leadership, management, supervision, teaching and learning.

HY+’s services help businesses, organisations, municipalities and work communities improve their results, competitiveness and occupational wellbeing by utilising continuous learning solutions. The latest research-based knowledge serves as the basis for the hands-on training and coaching offered. 

The content, level, scope and implementation of the training and development solutions tailored for businesses and organisations are planned together with each client to ensure that the targets set are achieved with maximum efficiency and impact. The services are provided with the help of specialists working at the University of Helsinki and in other partner networks, as required by the client.

In addition to tailored training, HY+ offers open training and coaching for individuals and is responsible for coordinating the University of Helsinki’s education export activities.


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