Partnership programme for key partners

The University of Helsinki key partnership initiative brings bold leaders together.Our partners are united by a shared vision to build sustainable growth and drive innovative breakthroughs in their respective fields.
Key partnerships bring bold leaders together

The University of Helsinki key partnership model was created for forward-thinking companies. The ability of companies to innovate, enhance their expertise and establish a competitive edge through sustainable practices are vital to success in a changing world. 

Harnessing the power of 11 faculties and 40,000 curious thinkers, we give companies the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge research and seasoned experts. Our multidisciplinary approach offers an unparalleled opportunity to tackle key issues from a business perspective, empowered by scientific insight. 

Each key partnership forms its own entity, with performance metrics customised to monitor its effectiveness. We excel in developing individual projects and fostering long-term research collaborations with global corporations. We have appointed an account manager for each key partner to actively and systematically manage the partnership.  In all business collaboration, we comply with our ethical principles.


How do we help companies boost their competitiveness?
  • Innovation accelerated
    Top research has the power to change the world. Together with our partners, we launch bold research projects that transcend disciplinary barriers.
  • A new vision for growth
    Visionaries believe in sustainable change, and so do we. We help our partners create new business, with the power of knowledge.
  • Reach the future shapers
    Gen Z represents the mindset of the new generation. We explore progressive strategies to capitalise on our network of 30,000 students to drive business.
  • Enhanced competence
    Thinkers thrive in a changing world. We equip present-day employees with the tools to acquire new skills and to boost their ability to translate ideas into action. 
  • Strategic foresight
    The trajectory of the next 10–15 years remains uncertain without foresight. We enhance a company’s capacity to understand the long-term implications of development costs on their business.
We want to work together to develop solutions for the sustainable use of renewable resources. In the spirit of continuous learning, we will strengthen our skills and abilities and better integrate students into our partnership.
KONE Corporation Finland

The University of Helsinki and KONE Corporation have been gearing their partnership particularly to research and doctoral education. Research on artificial intelligence, sustainable development and urban life have been selected as the research themes of the partnership.

Together with several faculties, projects relating to topics of interest to both parties have been established for funding calls by Business Finland and the Academy of Finland. Currently ongoing is a research entity coordinated by the Centre for Consumer Society Research on the utilisation of visual information in the concretisation of consumer images and expectations pertaining to urban mobility, while under preparation are an AI research project entitled Urban Simulation Lab and the Transformative Cities project in the field of sustainability science.

In addition to research, teaching collaboration with KONE has been trialled in the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning, while Research Sprint collaboration periods for doctoral researchers have been piloted. The purpose of the Business Sprint scheme is to increase corporations' knowledge of the skills of junior researchers and to encourage researchers to try out collaboration with businesses. This collaboration will continue to evolve from the piloting as part of the Talent Boost activities in doctoral education organised by Research Services.

Main cooperation themes

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sustainable development  
  • Urban life 
Metsä Group

The partnership between the University of Helsinki and Metsä Group advances both parties’ research and education collaboration as well as solves global sustainability challenges. Specific research themes include methods and techniques of sustainable forestry, forest resource management, timber harvesting, fibre-based materials (including food packaging), ionic fluids and circular chemistry. The collaboration is also oriented heavily to students, with the goal of establishing a clear path from bachelor’s studies to the labour market for students within the sphere of the partnership. Their career paths include project-based assignments completed during studies, traineeships and summer jobs, a master’s thesis and potential employment by Metsä Group. Another goal is to lower the threshold for hiring international students in particular. Students get the chance to go on company visits to Metsä Group, while guest lecturers will visit their courses.


Main cooperation themes

  • Methods and techniques of sustainable forestry
  • Forest resource management
  • Timber harvesting
  • Fibre-based materials
  • Ionic fluids
  • Circular chemistry
Nokia / Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs selected the University of Helsinki for its Distinguished Academic Partnership programme in 2017. Cooperation between Nokia Corporation, Nokia Bell Labs and the Department of Computer Science has been intensive for years. The University of Helsinki is home to the Nokia Center for Advanced Research, which Nokia has supported with donations and where research is conducted by, among others, Professor Pan Hui, Nokia Chair in Data Science.

The collaboration between the University of Helsinki and Nokia as well as Nokia Bell Labs focuses on research in computer science, particularly in the fields of communications networks and artificial intelligence. MegaSense, a project which focused on urban air quality and the development of a sensor network, is a prime example of the application potential of this research. The partners are continually involved in preparing new projects. The staff of Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs include a number of University of Helsinki alums, and they hold research meetings with the Department of Computer Science at regular intervals.

Besides research, key areas of cooperation include the education and training of experts and communication about phenomena that affect society, such as Core 5G and Beyond, an online course on 5G and 6G networks open to all.


Main cooperation themes

  • Communications networks (5G and 6G)
  • Artificial intelligence
Vetcare Oy

The partnership between the University of Helsinki and Vetcare promotes animal health and welfare. The partnership themes include innovations relevant to veterinary medicine, the use of new drugs and dosage forms in veterinary medicine, and collaboration in One Health research. The collaboration with a multidisciplinary research university is significant for Vetcare, as 80–90% of its research takes place within the partnership framework. Students will also be integrated into the partnership, which draws heavily on a multidisciplinary approach: the partners include not just the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, but also the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Medicine.


Main cooperation themes

  • Innovations relevant to veterinary medicine
  • Use of new drugs and dosage forms in veterinary medicine
  • Basic and applied research in veterinary medicine
  • One Health research
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