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We wish to make our research findings and the expertise of our graduates available to society as effectively as possible. Embarking on a partnership with us will gain you new ideas, boost your business operations and ensure top-level expertise for your business.
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Are you looking for the best and latest research-based knowledge for your business? The broad-based nature of the scientific research conducted at the University of Helsinki provides opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration. Research collaboration increases the knowledge capital of your business and expands your research and development operations.

Our success stories

University of Helsinki and Nokia Bell Labs de­ve­lop smart 5G technology to mon­itor air qual­ity

An on­line forum is a re­search­er’s gold­mine - Cooperation with Aller Media helped researchers gain access to Suomi24, Finland’s biggest online forum

Together, we can offer the most gifted scientists the best platform for innovative work.

Our students bring fresh enthusiasm and skills to your business. Thanks to Finland’s broadest selection of educational offerings, you will find a wide range of skills represented among the University’s students, suitable for many different positions and duties.

Our success stories

Corporate cooperation integrated into teaching is a win-win-win

Trainees provide workplaces with fresh competence

We definitely recommend hiring a trainee!

We help businesses, organisations and work communities improve their results, competitiveness and occupational wellbeing by utilising continuous learning solutions. We plan and produce continuous learning services, combining up-to-date research-based knowledge with the practicalities of work.

Every year, the University of Helsinki produces an incredible amount of new knowledge as a result of both researchers’ and students’ efforts. Students are happy to attend project-based courses, hackathons and various challenges where solutions are collaboratively developed with businesses.

If you are looking for new and bold ideas, familiarise yourself with the operations of Helsinki Think Company.

Researchers’ innovations often lead to commercialisation. At the University, innovation activities are coordinated by Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS Oy), through which you can license new technical innovations or get to know recently established research-based startups.

Our graduates are future top experts and decision-makers. You can ensure the appeal of your business as an employer by marketing it at the University.