Transforming Care Conference 2025

Welcome to the Transforming Care Conference!

The 7th Transforming Care Conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland in 2025. It will take place from Wednesday 25 June 2025 to Friday 27 June 2025 in the Main Building of the University of Helsinki in the very centre of Helsinki. 

The theme of the 2025 Transforming Care Conference is ‘Social and Human Rights in Care’. In recent decades, there has been increasing discussion about the importance of the human rights approach and the role of social rights in the contexts of disability, long-term care and childcare. Overall, social and human rights have become a key perspective in the discussion on the future of care in Europe and globally. Research is now needed to analyse the opportunities and potential problems of this development, which is why the 2025 Transforming Care Conference hopes to bring social and human rights discussions into our research debates and strengthen their role in our future research work.

The Transforming Care Conference is held every two years and is aimed at investigating how transformations of care for children, frail older people and adults with disability are playing out in policy and in practice. We encourage contributions from around the world that investigate transformations of care in policy and in practice, either as single country or as international, global trends. In addition, we welcome single policy contributions as well as contributions that go across the policy fields of early childhood education and care, care for adults with disabilities and long-term care for frail older people in the same broad perspective.

Welcome to Helsinki in June 2025!