Reimagining Teachers and Teacher Education for Our Futures Conference.

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Pre-Conference Day: Monday, 17 June 2024

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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Venue: The Great Hall, Main Building, University of Helsinki
Chair: Arto Kallioniemi

Opening words
Sari Lindblom, Rector (University of Helsinki)
Hannele Niemi, UNESCO Chair on Educational Ecosystems for Equity and Quality of Learning (University of Helsinki)
Sai Väyrynen, Director of GINTL (University of HelsinkI)

Ceremonial speaker: Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education and Culture (Finland)

Musical performance


"Decolonizing and Indigenizing Teaching in Alaska"
Dr. Diane Hirshberg,
Director & Professor of Education Policy (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA)

Session chaired by: Dr. Tuija Turunen (University of Lapland)

Venue: The Great Hall, Main Building, University of Helsinki

1A Symposium: Bridging Traditions and Transformations: Teacher Training for Transversal Competencies and Sustainable Development

  • Jonna Kangas | University of Helsinki 
  • Laura Niemi | University of Helsinki 


1B Panel Discussion: Fun Learning Centers in Transforming Teacher Education for Future-Ready Educators

  • Faith Mkwesha | Sahwira Africa International 
  • Sanna Lukander | Fun Academy
  • Reuben P. Gwatidzo | Sahwira Africa International


1C Workshop: SustainEat

  • Bente Vestad | Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences 
  • Sacha Kalseth | Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences 


1D Workshop: eLearning environment for teacher training in early childhood education, literacy and mathematics

  • Pamela February | University Of Namibia
  • Ritva Ketonen | University Of Helsinki
  • Juha-Matti Latvala | Niilo Mäki Institute
  • Haatembo Mooya | University of Zambia
  • Jenni Salminen | University Of Jyväskylä

1E Best Practices: Access 

Chair: TBA

  • Inter-university collaboration enhancing capacity of Mozambican teachers to establish better theory-practice balance 
    • Irmeli Maunonen-Eskelinen | Jamk University of applied sciences
  • Reimagining Higher Education Teacher´s Role as a Coach
    • Elina Wainio & Marja Isokangas | Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Empowering Change Agents: A Case Study on Challenge-Based Learning in ITE
    • Sabrina Fitzsimons | Centre for Collaborative Research Across Teacher Education (CREATE), Institute of Education, Dublin City University
  • Teachers' role in helping all children to acquire full literacy
    • Heikki Lyytinen | University of Jyväskylä 


1F Research Paper Presentations: Access

Chair: TBA

  • Impact of professional development on kindergarten teachers’ confidence in music and movement
    • Siu-Ping Ng | Education University of Hong Kong
  • Re-imagining future Competencies in Humanities Education: Perspectives of Faculty at Strathmore University
    • Seija Karppinen | University of Helsinki
  • Structural Indicators and Caregiving Sensitivity among Chinese Childcare Center Teachers
    • Qiongyi Shan | Beijing Normal University
  • Maker and STEAM Education Professional Development Opportunities
    • Samar Kirresh | Alelieh For Science Environment & Art


1G Research Paper Presentations: Equality and Equity

Chair: TBA

  • Visiting the forced visitors: Critical and decentered approach to Global Citizenship Education
    • Eva Harðardóttir | University of Iceland
  • Ontario Secondary School Graduates and their Intercultural Orientations
    •  Wendy Hughes | OISE, University of Toronto
  • Gay, lesbian, and queer teachers in Norwegian classrooms
    • Bjarne Isaksen | University Of South-Eastern Norway
  • Core beliefs that shape orientations to teaching for diversity and social justice
    • Inkeri Rissanen | Tampere University


1H Research Paper Presentations: Emergencies and crises

Chair: TBA

  • Human Rights Education Competencies in Teacher Education Students
    • Sabrina Bacher | University of Innsbruck
  • Teachers' competence in advancing school safety – a practical dilemma?
    • Eila Lindfors | University of Turku
  • How to support inclusion of Ukrainian displaced pupils in Italian schools
    • Davide Parmigiani | University Of Genoa
  • The Attributes for Empathetic Leadership in Private School Administrators
    • Patravoot Vatanasapt | Khon Kaen University


1I Research Paper Presentations: Intersections in Education

Chair: TBA 

  • Cultural Orientation Moderate the Relationship Between Students' Growth Mindset and Learning Outcomes?
    • Kai Zhang | The Education University Of Hong Kong
  • Sustainability education and the implementation of a new national curriculum in Norway
    • Ingunn Solbakken | Høgskolen i Innlandet
  • Transformational Pattern Shifts in SDG4 - Educators´ Voices and Expertise 
    • Sunet Grobler | University of Innsbruck
  • Using a "Curious About Others’ Hobbies" Game for Developing Interpersonal Skills
    • Shuanghong Jenny Niu | University Of Helsinki

2A Symposium 

Teachers Building Communities’ languages and cultures of democracy to dismantle systemic injustices

  • Alison Taysum
  • Ferit Hysa


2B Panel Discussion 

Preparing Globally Competent Teachers: A Cross-regional Dialogue

  • Ji Ying
  • Davide Parmigiani
  • Renáta Timková
  • Mónica Sofia Marques Lourenço


2C Panel Discussion 

Sustainable and Resilient Teacher Preparation and Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

  • Laura Gregory
  • Anna Boni (Moderator)
  • Jussi Karakoski (Panelist)
  • Suhair Qasem (Panelist) 
  • Jia Song (Panelist)

2D Workshop 

Visual narratives as a pedagogical approach for teacher identity construction

  • Anniina Kettunen
  • Minna Uitto
  • Minna Körkkö


2E Best Practices: Access

Chair: TBA

  • Making future teachers media savvy: why media literacy skills alone aren’t enough.
    • Eveline Hipeli
  • Gear Engagement Theory: A Destination of Debates on Pedagogy Selection
    • Sha Weinan
  • Credential Innovations for Inclusive Excellence 
    • Yi Huang
  • The power of informal virtual learning - Let´s rethink internationalization at home
    • Andreas Rogler


2F Research Paper Presentations: Access

Chair: TBA

  • Educating for globally competent teachers
    • Harsha Chandir
  • Working Class Academics: Improving Experiences in Higher Education
    • Alice Storey
  • Strategies of Brazilian universities focused on teaching English in early childhood education
    • Ana Sara Galvão
  • Teachers’ Professional Development in the Context of Curriculum Reforms in Chinese Mainland
    • Yani Zhong


2G Research Paper Presentations: Equality and equity

Chair: TBA

  • How Inclusive is Our Teaching Force? Focus on Teacher Management in India
    • Pabitra Saha
  • What predicts teachers’ likeliness of intervening in situations of ethnicity-based exclusion?
    • Daria Khanolainen
  • “Empower me to empower others”. Meaning of partnership in Global South–Global North dialogue
    • Marika Matengu & Elizabeth Ngololo
  • A pedagogy of emotions for social sustainability education in teacher education
    • Emma Heikkilä


2H Research Paper Presentations: Emergencies and crises

Chair: TBA

  • Resilience and Security Responsiveness of teachers in navigating Insecurity and enhancing learnings
    • Chinenye Amaonye
  • Experiences of teachers at the frontlines of student mental health issues
    • Philippe Jose Hernandez
  • Navigating Pedagogical Fatigue: Insights from Private Schools in Uganda amidst the COVID-19
    • Pontian Kabeera


2I Research Paper Presentations: Envisioning Future Teachers

Chair: TBA

  • Pre-service teachers’ futures consciousness
    • Iina Hyyppä
  • Reimagining democratic education with care ethics to build a care-full future
    • Selja Koponen
  • Teachers for a sustainable future: Global education in teacher education in Poland
    • Magdalena Kuleta-Hulboj
  • How Teacher Education Students Imagine the World, Education and Teaching in 2040
    • Sabrina Bacher & Christian Kraler
Wednesday, 19 June 2024

"Reimagining teacher Education for our Future: Trends from Africa"
Dr. Jeremiah M. Kalai,
Dean of the Faculty of Education (University of Nairobi, Kenya)

Session chaired by: Dr. Arto Kallioniemi (University of Helsinki)

Venue: The Great Hall, Main Building, University of Helsinki

3A Symposium: Teachers and teacher educators in local /global professional learning communities

Presenters: Elina Lehtomäki, Frieda Shingenge, Mari-anne Okkolin, Marika Matengu & Annette Scheunpflug


3B Panel Discussion: Rebuilding the Ukrainian education together

Presenters: Hannele Niemi


3C Panel Discussion: Initiatives to promote teacher education students’ international mobility and intercultural learning

Presenters: Olli-pekka Malinen, Tea Kangasvieri & Christabel Royan


3D Workshop: Sustaining Education through Education on Sustainability

Presenters: Samar Kirresh & Aya Kirresh 


3E Best Practices: Access 

Chair: TBA

Integrating Podcasting Methods in Teaching Low-Resource Classroom Contexts
Presenter: Hammed Lawal

Enhancing In-service Teachers Pedagogic Content Knowledge: Recommended Practices for Low-resourced Contexts
Presenters: Kinnari Pandya & Tamralipta Patra

Open digital badges in promoting teacher’s sustainability competences – EduSTA project's experiences
Presenters: Eveliina Asikainen & Hanna Teräs

Collaborative instructional design system: multidimensional aspects of instructional design towards vuca world
Presenter: Ismail Md Zain


3F Research Paper Presentations: Access

Chair: TBA

The Necessity of Education on Teaching Students with Hearing Impairment in Tanzania
Presenter: Fraterinus Mutatembwa

Continuing Professional Development Strategies in Southern African Development Community countries
Presenter: Maimbolwa Namuchana

Impact Assessment of teacher engagement program 
Presenter: Anudeep Lehal

The Case of Greek L1 Adults Learning Turkish in Cyprus through TBLT
Presenter: Katerina Antoniou Karantoki


3G Research Paper Presentations: Access

Chair: TBA

Reimagining Teacher Education: A Philosophy for Children Perspective
Presenter: Chi-Ming Lam

Student self-assessment in Chinese primary school English teaching: teachers' perspectives and practices 
Presenter: Yali Hu

Visual Methods as Pedagogical Resources for Teacher Student Reflection in Teaching Practice
Presenter: Hannah Kaihovirta

Developing teacher education and in particular teaching practicum in Mozambique
Presenter: Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä


3H Research Paper Presentations: Emergencies and crises

Chair: TBA

Unveiling the Hidden Toll: Exploring Burnout among Teacher Educators
Presenter: Sabrina Fitzsimons

Supporting pre-service teachers’ identity construction through arts-based methods: a focus on emotions
Presenter: Anniina Kettunen

Teacher wellbeing: a Research Synthesis
Presenter: Marcus Horwood and Harsha Chandir

Rethinking the adult educator for our times
Presenter: Melanie Lenehan


3I Research Paper Presentations: Nurturing Young Minds

Chair: TBA

Pedagogies for Creating Globally Competent Citizens: Primary School Teachers’ Understanding and Practices  
Presenter: Md Khairul Islam

What motivates kindergarten teachers to retain? Evidence based on a moderated mediation model
Presenter: Mei Wang

Insights from joint virtual multidisciplinary project in Kenyan and Finnish primary schools
Presenter: Sari Muhonen

ECE leaders’ perceptions of their roles and identities through drawings and writings
Presenter: Anitta Melasalmi

4A Symposium: Transformative human rights, democracy and global citizenship education: Pedagogical and philosophical insights

Presenters: Tuija Kasa, Sue Gollifer, Eva Harðardóttir


4B Panel Discussion: Inquiry-based learning in urban and rural science education: a comparative study

Presenters: Mirjam Ndaimehafo Asilevi


4C Panel Discussion: Reimagining Teacher Education by addressing Invisible Pedagogical mindsets.

Presenters: Sreehari Ravindranath, Ghulam Omar Qargha & Karen Edge


4D Workshop: BRIDGE Glocal

Presenters: Bente Vestad & Sacha Kalseth


4E Best Practices: Equality and equity 
Chair: TBA

Collaborative autoethnography as a tool for transformative praxis for social justice
Presenter: Brandi Fox

Religious Teacher as bridge builder in schools
Presenter: Mabrouka Rayachi

Teacher Training as vectors in the promotion of Inclusive Education in Mozambique
Presenter: Pedro Matarausse

Knowledge chains: Linking students, teachers and teacher educators' subject matter knowledge
Presenter: Ann Childs


4F Research Paper: Access
Chair: TBA

21st century competencies in teacher trainees' perceptions in the University of Nairobi 
Presenter: Reetta Niemi

How do evolving school environments influence teacher experience of curriculum reform? 
Presenter: Blerim Saqipi

Group mentoring to support early childhood pre-service teachers’ developing identity and agency
Presenter: Xinghua Wang

Child Socialization in Peer learning Environment at Tribal Early Childhood Education Centre
Presenter: Jayashree Shinde


4G Research Paper: Equality and equity
Chair: TBA

Exploring Contradictions in ICT-enabled Teacher Professional Development programmes in Indonesia
Presenter: Min Liang

The perspectives of pre-service and in-service kindergarten teachers on the mentor-mentee relationship
Presenter: Yanling Zhou

Civic purposes in teaching: A study among German and Finnish student teachers
Presenter: Inkeri Rissanen & Susanne Timm


4H Research Paper: Emergencies and crises
Chair: TBA

Co-designing environmental learning in teacher education through North-South partnership
Presenter: Maria Helena Saari

Novice teachers and tensions around success
Presenter: Valgerður S. Bjarnadóttir

Personhood and Professionhood in ECEC Teacher Education
Presenter: Tsvetelina Dimitrova

Insights from a teacher-education seminar on Hopeful Pedagogies in the Language Classroom
Presenter: Ricardo Römhild


4I Research Paper: Transnational Perspectives on Teachers and Teacher Education
Chair: TBA

Flipping science education course for pre-service teachers: the case of Palestinian-Finnish collaboration
Presenters: Ahmad Aljanazrah

Finnish teachers’ mindsets and conceptions of neuroplasticity
Presenter: Kati Jääskö-Santala

The Finnish Teacher as a Character in Education Policy
Presenter: Sirkku Kupiainen

Preparing Future Teachers through global sensititivity - findings from a transnational project
Presenter: Gregor Lang-Wojtasik

5A Symposium: EU Regional Teachers Initiative for Africa: Transforming Education through Strategic Teacher Support

Presenters: Ritva Reinikka, Gauthier Marchais, Victoria Aol, Marjo Mäenpää & Wouter Van Damme


5B Panel Discussion: Bridging the Educational Divide

Presenters: Ceesay Saikou


5C Workshop: Measuring Impact in Virtual Global Education: Crafting a Mosaic of Intercultural Excellence

Presenters: Chirag Sheth, Andrew Morris & Silke Weber


5E Best Practices: Emergencies and crises 
Chair: TBA

Advancing teacher education in Palestine – Case Olive project
Presenter: Jani Kontkanen

Agora-education: a new modelling perspective on the educational paradigm
Presenter: Bob Clerx

Evolving, enduring and thriving: An itinerant community of practice of teacher educators
Presenter: Anish Mokashi

Enhancing Education Sector Development through Multiparty Collaboration and Expertise Exchange in Uganda
Presenter: Sara Isotalo, Reeta Partanen & Karkkulainen Evelyn


5F Research Paper: Access
Chair: TBA

Strengthening Pre-service Teacher Education in India through Capturing PCK of In-service Teachers 
Presenter: Kinnari Pandya, Tara Kiran Kurre & Tamralipta Patra 

Teachers as nodes for transformation 
Presenters: Mussie Tewelde / Ghebreyohannes & Josephine Moate

Effectiveness of GraphoLearn-aligned phonics instruction and GraphoLearn for literacy development in India 
Presenter: Deepti Bora

Enabling collaboration for early career teachers who “need more time!”
Presenter: Brandi Fox


5G Research Paper: Equality and equity
Chair: TBA

Arts-based approaches in teacher education: a comparative study in Portugal and Norway
Presenter: Mónica Lourenço

Internationalisation of Higher Education in Finland: Exploring career sustainability of international educators
Presenter: Afsheen Ahmed

Educational policies between quality, equity, values and moral education in the future
Presenter: Boniface Bahi

Invention pedagogy approach as a tool to promote primary pupils’ thinking skills
Presenter: Perttu Ervelius


5H Research Paper: Emergencies and crises
Chair: TBA

Multi-dimensional Understanding and Reconstruction of Chinese Young Teachers’ Professional Identity 
Presenter: Jun Zhang 

E-Practicum of Pre-Service Teacher Trainees During COVID 19 Pandemic 
Presenter:  Shiromi Upulaneththa

What teachers (don’t) know: Creating communities in multicultural classrooms 
Presenter: Ve Romey

“What do you want?” Exploring unconscious desires of teachers entering the profession  
Presenter: Nicholas Stock

The venue to be updated.

Thursday, 20 June 2024

"On education systems and teaching in developing countries"
Dr. Ritva Reinikka,
Senior Fellow (Aalto University School of Business, Finland)

Session chaired by: Dr. Hannele Niemi (University of Helsinki)

Venue: The Great Hall, Main Building, University of Helsinki

6A Symposium: Teacher education at a crossroads 

Presenters: Kristiina Brunila, Helena Candido, Sharanya Menon, Birgit Schaffar-Kronqvist


6B Panel Discussion: Indigenizing education utilizing a community of practice approach

Presenters: Angela Lunda, Chelsee Cook, Barbara Dude, Amber Frommherz, Naomi Leask & Roberta Littlefield


6C Workshop: Important role of Inter-worldview dialogue in the present education

Presenters: Heidi Rautionmaa & Mabrouka Rayachi 


6E Best Practices
Chair: TBA

Co-constructing theoretical knowledge through ICT enabled collaborative activities
Presenter: Jayashree Shinde

Nurturing inclusion through Art based pedagogy in Higher Education
Presenter: Tamralipta Patra & Tara Kiran Kurre

Best practices for improving pre-service teacher education in low- and middle-income countries
Presenter: Stephanie Zuilkowski 


6F Research Paper: Access 
Chair: TBA

Ethiopian, Japanese and Finnish Teacher-Students’ Sense of Calling
Presenter: Kati Keski-Mäenpää

Excellent teaching in challenging circumstances: Research-based examples to reimagine Eritrean professional development
Presenter: Desalegn Zerai

How does distributed leadership facilitate teacher innovativeness? Evidence from TALIS 2018
Presenter: Xiaorong Ma

The Compliant Disciplinarian: The metaphorical teacher in Australian policy and professional learning
Presenter: Trevor Mccandless


6G Research Paper: Access 
Chair: TBA

Fostering the Development of Transversal Competencies in Science Teacher Education
Presenter: Merike Kesler

Enhancing Preschool Educators’ Occupational Well-Being through Professional Learning Communities in Mainland China
Presenter: Yuting Guo

Critical, Inclusive and Democratic GCE – A Tool for Transforming Teacher Education
Presenter: Ursula Mauric

Empowering teachers to educate critical readers in the Internet era
Presenter: Pirjo Kulju


6H Research Paper: Emergencies and Crises
Chair: TBA

Student Voices on Actions for Human Rights that Young Adults Consider Valuable
Presenter: Vihtori Kylänpää

From Phenomenal Learning to Phenomenal Teaching
Presenter: Josephine Moate

Art, Holism, and Ecohumanism: Teacher Training in Times of Climate Crisis
Presenter: Dafna Gan

How Major-specific Curiosity Benefits Future Teachers’ Occupational Well-being: The Role of Self-Efficacy
Presenter: Haoyan Huang


6I Research Paper: Transforming Teacher Education
Chair: TBA

The relevance of the critical dimension of GCE for reimagining teacher education
Presenter: Josefine Scherling

Exploring teacher educators' beliefs: A comparative case study in Finland and China 
Presenter: Yan Wang

Perspectives from Teacher Education Stakeholders on Quality Education (SDG 4) for Transformation 
Presenter: Sunet Grobler

Teachers’ conceptions of teacher work: What kind of teacher education is desirable?
Presenter: Minna Körkkö

7A Symposium: Education for social action on linguistic and cultural diversity: teacher education resources 

Presenters: Lisa Marie Brinkmann, Marcelo Kremer, Franziska Gerwers & Mónica Lourenço


7B Panel Discussion: Socially Innovative ways to Foster the Voices of Diverse Learners 

Presenters: Anne Burke, Tuija Turunen & Mhairi Beaton


7C Workshop: Using Cooperative Learning Strategies in Online mode for professional development of teachers 

Presenters: Jayashree Shinde


7D Workshop: Planetary Responsibility and Sustainability Competence Development through STEAM: 'The World at Play'

Presenters: Orsolya Tuba


7E Best Practices 
Chair: TBA

Student-driven Methodology to effectively implement a Pre-service Teachers’ Professional Development Programme
Presenter: Abhishek Kumar & Anudeep Lehal

Fostering Teacher Autonomy through Scaffolded Video Reflection 
Presenter: Cecilia Nobre

Transforming effective relationships: mentoring and support approaches in Initial Teacher Education
Presenter: Jasmine Hansen


7F Research Paper: Access
Chair: TBA

Influence of Mobile Technology on Teachers' Development in Low-Resource, Remote Educational Contexts
Presenter: Milburga Atcero

Collaborative Teachers' Professional Development in Nigeria: A Pathway to Improving Educational Outcomes
Presenter: Ayoola Abimbola

Curriculum Making and Teacher Agency
Presenter: Andrew Pereira

The Risk Pedagogy and the Teachers role in an inclusive education
Presenter: Susana Oliveira


7G Research Paper: Equality and Equity 
Chair: TBA

Ready to Teach/Learn Mathematics Bilingually? A Case Study in Teacher Education
Presenter: Wen-Hua Chen

Ready for Most Things: The Classroom Readiness of Early Career Teachers
Presenters: Trevor McCandless & Harsha Chandir 

A Systematic Literature Review on ESD in Japan and its Implications for Teacher Education
Presenter: Masashi Urabe

Constructing ECEC teachers’ professionalism on Worldview Education
Presenter: Silja Lamminmäki-Vartia


7H Research Paper: Emergencies and crises
Chair: TBA

Navigating the challenges of protests: Empowering teachers to instil existential resilience
Presenter: Oona Myllyntaus

Reimagining the human-nature relationship and non-human animals in Finnish worldview textbooks
Presenter: Harriet Zilliacus

Navigating Change: Teachers' Perspectives on Evolving Working Conditions in Reykjavík's Educational Landscape
Presenter: Berglind Ros Magnusdottir

Towards a Worldview Considerate Climate Change Education: Educators' Perceptions
Presenters: Inkeri Rissanen 

Venue: The Great Hall, Main Building, University of Helsinki
Chair: Sai Väyrynen

Closing remarks
Hannele Cantell (University of Helsinki)

Hannele Niemi & Arto Kallioniemi (University of HelsinkI)
Johanna Niemi, dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences (University of Helsinki)

Musical performance