Call for papers for the conference proceedings

Physics and Reality: International Conference on Philosophy of Physics
4–6 June 2024, University of Helsinki, Finland

Proceedings of PHYSICS AND REALITY 2024 will be published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS), IOP Publishing, Bristol, UK. Each participant who gave a speech or presented a poster at the conference is invited to submit a single article.

The schedule:

  • Deadline for the papers: 31 August 2024
  • Deadline for the reviews: 30 September 2024. 
  • Deadline for the corrected and final manuscripts: 15 October 2024.  
  • Deadline for the reviews of the corrections: 25 October 2024 
  • Submission of the final papers to JPCS by the editor: 1 November 2024

The process is planned to proceed as follows. All authors should submit their papers by August 31, 2024. All submissions will undergo a double-anonymous review, so you should submit two versions: an unredacted manuscript, which may be published as is (when complemented with IOP headings), and an anonymized manuscript for the reviewers. After the submission, your article will be assigned one or more reviewers. The reviewers are primarily members of the program committee, keynote speakers, and plenary speakers of the conference. Reviews should be submitted by September 30, 2024. An article is either accepted with or without revisions, or it is rejected. If your article is accepted without revisions or is rejected, no further action is required on your part. If your article is accepted with revisions, you must submit the corrected paper by October 15, 2024. You may embed the corrections in the text, and you may also add a "Commentary" section at the end of the paper, where you address the reviewers' remarks. The final reviews of the corrected papers—whose purpose is to check if the changes required in the first round have been made or are addressed in a separate Commentary section—should be submitted by October 25, 2024. Finally, the editor aims to submit the papers to JPCS by November 1, 2024. IOP press guarantees publication within three months of delivery.

The length of your article must not exceed 20 pages. The article must be typeset in the JPCS format and exported as a PDF. Word and LaTeX templates are available from the link below.

The submission and review process will take place on the Morressier platform. Detailed instructions have been sent to the participants on 19 June 2024.

For queries about the proceedings, contact the proceedings editor Avril Styrman