Physics and Reality

Welcome to Physics and Reality 2024!

The aim of the conference is to explore central themes in philosophy of physics, such as 

  • Interpretations of Quantum Theory
  • Geometric vs. Dynamic Approaches to Relativistic Phenomena
  • The Project of Unifying Quantum Theory and General Relativity
  • Extending Quantum Theory to New Domains

The conference will be livestreamed. To see the livestream, please use the link below (however, some talks may not be visible):

HelsinkiUniTube Live Stream

We use Presemo activation tool in the conference. If you would like to send questions or comments to the talks, please use the link below.

Physics and Reality 2024 | Presemo | (

Please find more information about the conference here.

The conference programme has been edited on June 01.

The conference poster can be downloaded here.

Attendance to the conference is free of charge, but registration is required.

Conference venue: University of Helsinki, Porthania building, hall PIII (1st floor / street level), in the city center campus area.

Address of conference venue: Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki, Finland.

Accommodation: Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki and Scandic Grand Marina hotels (discount codes available), more information here.