Physics and Reality: An International Conference on the Philosophy of Physics
4–6 June 2024, University of Helsinki, Finland

Naturalistic philosophy typically looks to physics when trying to sketch a world view.  While predictions and applications of contemporary theories of physics have been extremely successful, it remains a major challenge to formulate a coherent and intelligible conception of reality based on them. The interpretation of quantum theory has been debated for almost a century; there is a tension between geometric and dynamic approaches in explaining relativistic phenomena; and string theory and quantum gravity have not resulted in unification of quantum theory and general relativity.  Finally, in recent years, attempts have been made to apply quantum theory to new areas, such as computing, biology, and even cognition and consciousness. What can we expect from these new areas of research? 

The conference Physics and Reality 2024 will address these and other questions under the following themes:

  • Interpretations of Quantum Theory
  • Dynamic Approaches to Relativistic Phenomena
  • The Project of Unifying Quantum Theory and General Relativity
  • Extending Quantum Theory to New Domains

The conference is organised by the University of Helsinki research project "Appearance and Reality in Physics and Beyond" that started in June 2023. The project is located in the Department of Philosophy, History and Art Studies.