Scientific and social programme

The 18th meeting of the Nordic Spinal Cord Society (NoSCoS).
May 22, 2024

Opening Ceremony

Plenary Lecture, Dr Anjali Forber-Pratt (USA)
“Research about Disability Identity, Perceptions of Disability and Empowerment”

Lunch, Exhibition and Posters

Three Parallel Workshops

  1. An Interactive, Multidisciplinary Workshop on Pressure Ulcer Management in People with SCI
    Knaerke Soegaard
  2. Paired Associative Stimulation in Rehabilitation After Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
    Anastasia Shulga, Kirsi Holopainen, Piia Haakana, Anna Nätkynmäki
  3. On Equal Terms – How Can Participation in Everyday Life When Using Personal Assistance After Spinal Cord Injury Be Supported? 
    Hanna Gabrielsson, Lisa Holmlund

Coffee, Exhibition and Posters

Partner Lecture

Oral Presentations in Three Parallel Sessions

Welcome Reception at Marina Congress Center


May 23, 2024

Plenary Lecture, Dr Ines Bersch-Porada (Switzerland)
“Functional Electrical Stimulation: Research, Clinical Practice, and Future Perspectives”

Coffee, Exhibition and Posters

Three Parallel Workshops

  1. Eating Well to Manage Neurogenic Bowel: Unpacking the Dietary Elements
    Priya Iyer, Hanne B Slettahjell, Line Trine Dalsgaard, Anna Wahl, Anna-Carin Lagerström, Erika Nilsson
  2. Navigating Acceptance and Grief in Spinal Cord Injury: A Collaborative Workshop organized by Nordic SCI Psychologists 
    Anders Aaby, Naja Bøje Casupei, Irene Christiansen
  3. The Importance of Consumer Engagement and Different Ways to Implement it in SCI Rehabilitation Development and Research
    Nora Sandholdt, Erika Nilsson, Emelie Axwalter, Tom Atle Steffensen, Cathrine Guldberg, Line Trine Dalsgaard, Markku Poikela, Anna Pasanen

Lunch, Exhibition and Posters

Plenary Lecture, Dr Pentti Tienari (Finland)
“Spectrum of Diseases Affecting the Spinal Cord”

Coffee, Exhibition and Posters

Three Parallel Workshops

  1. Healthy and Sustainable Aging with Spinal Cord Injury
    Sophie Jörgensen, Ulrica Lundström, Mattias Hill, Mikael Waller
  2.  Lifetime Care - Review and Discussion of Existing Monitoring and Management Guidelines and Research Opportunities by Clinicians and Caregivers of Children and Adults Living with Spina Bifida
    Hanna Gabrielsson, Martina Bendt, Dorothee Riedel Ratzka, Åsa Eriksson, Alette Halvor Jensen, Petra Aden, Antoinette Botman
  3. Intimacy and Sexuality, When, How, Who 
    Henriette Kirkegård Rask, Maria Moschovou, Adnan Soumi

NoSCoS General Meeting

Dinner at Wanha Satama (next building to Marina Congress Center) 

May 24, 2024

Professional Group Meetings (chairs):
Physicians (Marie Thodén and Wolfram Antepohl), nurses (Line Trine Dalsgaard, Maria Moschovou, Malin Nordin), nutritional therapists (Hanne Bjørg Slettahjell, Anna Wahl), physiotherapists (Henrik Poder, Sanna-Kaisa Luja), occupational therapists (Lisa Holmlund and Hanni Leskinen), social workers and rehabilitation counsellors (Jarna Bäckman, Kaarina Eskola), psychologists (Irene Christiansen, Naja Bøje Casupei), consumers and peer instructors (Markku Poikela, Nora Sandholdt, Cathrine Guldberg). 

Coffee, Exhibition and Posters

NoSCoS Award and the NoSCoS Award Lecture

Lunch, Exhibition and Posters

Three Parallel Workshops

  1. How Do We Involve the Patient in the Choice of Bladder Emptying Method? 
    Malin Nordin, Tina Albrektslund Schwennesen, Line Trine Dalsgaard, Mariann Forsström
  2. A Structured Assessment Model for Syringomyelia as a Base for Conservative Activity-Based Interventions – Experiences from Patients and Team Members. 
    Line Olsson, Wolfram Antepohl, Ulrica Lundström
  3. Support for family and friends. 
    Sebastian Forsén, Katarina Braunerhjelm

Closing Ceremony and Coffee