Invited Speakers
NNPC2023 – Nordic Natural Products Conference 2023
List of Speakers

Prof. Judith Rollinger, University of Vienna
Dr. Quac Tuan Do, GreenPharma S.A.S.
Prof. Rebecca Goss, St. Andrews University
Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller, University of Copenhagen
Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender, University of Geneva


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Judith M. Rollinger

Professor of Pharmacognosy/Pharmaceutical Biology at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Life Science, University of Vienna, Austria.
President of the “Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research” (GA)

After her PhD in Pharmacognosy (University of Innsbruck/Austria), Judith Rollinger extended her studies to the fields of phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology, and molecular modelling, she implemented computational approaches in natural product science (habilitation in 2007). She was appointed full Professor at her present institution in 2014 leading the ‘Phytochemistry and Biodiscovery’ research group. Prof. Rollinger is senator of the University of Vienna and project leader in various national and international projects.

Since 2020 she is president of the largest European learned society, focusing on research on natural products, nature-based drug discovery, medicinal plant research and quality control of herbal medicines – the “Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research” (Home - Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA) ( In her role, she leads this global society’s efforts to foster research in these important areas, improve networking and communication globally and to support especially younger researchers.

In her research she focuses on the interdisciplinary field of integrating big data analysis (chemoinformatics, chemometry) in pharmacognostic research as strategy for the discovery of natural lead structures for treating viral infections, metabolic syndrome and inflammation. Publications resulting from her research have appeared in highly ranked international journals (~120), and as book contributions and patents.

Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller

Birger Lindberg Møller is Professor of Plant Biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen (Email:, Phone: +45 2043 3411) and Distinguished Professor at the Carlsberg Laboratory. H-index: 72 and 402 publications registered in Web of Science. He is the Director of the Center for Synthetic Biology. His research focuses on the role of bio-active natural products in plant growth and development, resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses using key crop and medicinal plants as the experimental systems. Results from field studies e.g. of the Eremophila genus across the Australian continent are combined with studies at the single molecule level of the enzyme complexes involved. Key classes of natural products studied are cyanogenic glucosides and diterpenoids with focus on their synthesis, turn-over, storage, and role in plant insect and plant microbe interactions. In synthetic biology, his research group is focussed on the direct channeling of photosynthetic electron flow into light-driven synthesis of high-value products by engineering the assembly of all required enzymes in the chloroplast. Target molecules are structurally complex diterpenoids with interesting medicinal properties like forskolin, triptonide, ingenol-3-angelate, ginkgolides, serrulatanes and dimers of branched chain fatty acids. Pathways for biosynthesis and industrial production of vanillin and carmine in yeast have been developed.

Birger Lindberg Møller is actively involved in collaboration with and mentoring of do-it-yourself communities and participates in debates on the opportunities, risks and ethics of synthetic biology in the written and electronic media. He is an elected member of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters and member of the International Human Rights Network of Academic and Scholarly Societies, Washington. In 2007, he was awarded the VILLUM Kann Rasmussen Research Prize, the largest Danish research award (350.000 Euro). In 2013, he was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant and in 2015 an ERC PoC grant. His current research group is funded by grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and from the Carlsberg Foundation.

Dr. Quoc Tuan Do, Chemoinformatic Manager

Quoc-Tuan obtained his Master in Chemistry and his diploma of “ingénieur chimiste” at l’Ecole National Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse (France) in 1996. Then, he got his PhD in chemoinformatics at the Institut de Chimie Organique et Analytique (France). He started his career in the biophysics department of HMR at Strasbourg, in protein structure elucidation by NMR, where he familiarised with NMR & molecular modelling methodologies. In 1997, he joined Tripos as a support scientist to complete his expertise in molecular modelling and acquired unique expertise in cutting edge molecular modelling tools and a large overview of pharmaceutical research problems and needs. By 2001, he joined Greenpharma to develop internal knowledge database system and Selnergy, a Greenpharma proprietary tool. QT is also the contact person for international collaborations.