Welcome to the 18th Annual Aleksanteri Conference in Helsinki, Finland

Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia underwent tremendous changes throughout the last century. The thorny path did not always lead from liberation to freedom or democracy. All of the countries of the region were faced with numerous advancements and setbacks in various political, economic, social and cultural arenas. The 2018 Aleksanteri Conference aims to discuss these issues via international scholarly dialogue in a multidisciplinary comparative setting. The main themes of the conference concern: Changing Spatial Contexts, Systemic Transformations, Freedom of Expression and Protest, Societal Values.
The Aleksanteri Conference is an annual, multidisciplinary, international event organised by the Aleksanteri Institute, the Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies, at the University of Helsinki since 2001. Aleksanteri Conferences have attracted broad interest among researchers and policy-makers in a wide variety of disciplines, both in Finland and abroad, who are interested in the development of post-socialist countries.