Keynote Speakers
The 2023 Summer Days of the Research Network of History and Philosophy of Education
Professor Johannes Drerup TU Dortmund, Germany/VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Prof. Drerup is professor of philosophy of education and educational theory at TU Dortmund as well as guest professor at VU Amsterdam. His research interests include the theory and practice of democratic education, philosophy of education and educational theory, philosophy of childhood, and political and moral philosophy. He is coeditor of the books “Liberal Democratic Education: A Paradigm in Crisis” (2022), “Toleration and the Challenges to Liberalism” (2020) as well as the “Cambridge Handbook of Democratic Education” (forthcoming in 2023).

Professor Katariina Holma, Faculty of Education, University of Oulu

Prof. Holma is a professor of philosophy and theory of education at the University of Oulu. Her work focuses on theories and philosophies of citizenship education and democracy, and the philosophy of science in educational research. She is the editor of the books “Learning, Philosophy, and African Citizenship” and “Practices of Citizenship in East Africa: Perspectives from Philosophical Pragmatism”.