Welcome to the Workshop “Advances in Basic and Clinical Aspects of Neurodevelopmental Disorders” in August 15-16, 2019 in Biomedicum Helsinki

The workshop will provide a platform for basic and clinical researchers to communicate and disseminate most recent research findings of neurodevelopmental disorders, focusing on genetic disorders comorbid with autism.

Advances in neuroscience provide new insights into disturbed molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders. Understanding of the molecular mechanisms leading to the clinical disease phenotypes improves possibilities for optimal interventions and targeted treatment for brain diseases. Increased knowledge about brain function has allowed invention of new treatment approaches and several clinical trials are on-going for a number of neurodevelopmental disorders, including genetic syndromes comorbid with autism such as fragile X syndrome, Down syndrome, and Rett syndrome. The workshop will educate and improve understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental defects and promotes optimal pharmacological treatment approaches and biomarker discovery for neurodevelopmental disorders. By bringing people involved in both basic and clinical aspects of neurodevelopmental disorders together, the workshop provides opportunities for technology transfer and innovation as well as collaboration.

Supported by the Institut Francais de Finlande, the Embassy of France in Finland, the French Ministry of Higher Education, research and Innovation and the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters together with Foundation Jerôme Lejeune and Doctoral Program Brain & Mind; www.brain-mind.fi.