Keynote and Plenary Panel Speakers at the 'European Politics, Equality and Democracy' Conference
Keynote Speakers
Dr Natasha Wunsch

Dr Natasha Wunsch is a Professor of European Studies at the University of Fribourg. Biography

Dr Elżbieta Korolczuk

Dr Elżbieta Korolczuk is an Associate Professor in Sociology at Södertörn University, Sweden. She also teaches at the Gender Studies Centre at Warsaw University and the Institute for Advanced Study, Political Critique in Warsaw. Biography

Dr Nathalie Brack

Dr Nathalie Brack is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science of the Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium and Visiting Professor at the Center for European Integration Studies at Bonn University (Germany). Biography

Prof Johanna Kantola

Johanna Kantola is a Professor of European Societies and their Politics at the Centre for European Studies (CES) at the University Helsinki. She is the Principal Investigator of EUGenDem. Biography

Plenary Panel 1: Critical perspectives on the informal in parliamentary politics
Dr Jennifer Piscopo

Dr Jennifer Piscopo is an Associate Professor of Politics at Occidental College, USA. She researches representation, gender quotas, and legislative institutions in Latin America. Biography

Prof Georgina Waylen

Prof Georgina Waylen is a Professor of Politics and the WJM Mackenzie Chair of Government at the University of Manchester, UK. Her research interests lie in the fields of comparative politics/political economy with a focus on gender and politics, international political economy, transitions to democracy, governance and institutions. Biography

Dr Laura Landorff

Dr Laura Landorff is a researcher at the Department of Political Science, Lund University. Her research focuses on EUropean institutions (especially on the European Parliament and the informal dimension of parliamentary politics), civil society and interest groups, as well as the development of a (new) political sociology of EU politics. Biography

Plenary Panel 2: Governance and knowledge for equality and democracy
Prof Ben Crum

Prof Ben Crum is a Professor of Political Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research focuses on the way processes of internationalization – European integration in particular – affect established practices and understandings of democracy and solidarity. Biography

Prof Stefanie Wöhl

Prof Stefanie Wöhl is Jean Monnet Chair on „Diversity and Social Cohesion in the European Union“ (2019 - 2022) at the Department of European Economy and Business Management, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, Austria. Biography

Dr Paul Copeland

Dr Paul Copeland is a Reader in Public Policy at Queen Mary University of London. His research and teaching focuses on the political economy of European integration and the UK’s relationship with the EU, Brexit, and the role of the British media in constructing Euroscepticism. Biography

Dr Anna Elomäki

Dr Anna Elomäki is a Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland at Tampere University. Her research focuses on the intersections of gender, politics and the economy in Finland at the EU level. Biography

Plenary Panel 3: Equality policies in the European Union
Prof Iyiola Solanke

Prof Iyiola Solanke is Professor of EU Law and Social Justice at the University of Leeds where she researches and teaches on EU Law, Discrimination Law, Race and Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Her research interests fall in the fields of EU integration and racial integration. Biography

Dr Petra Ahrens

Dr Petra Ahrens is an Academy of Finland Research Fellow for her project “On the road to gender-sensitive parliaments? Gender Equality and Democratic Practices in the Finnish, German, and Polish Parliament Compared” (GSParls). Biography

Dr Amandine Le Bellec

Dr Amandine Le Bellec is a temporary lecturer at Sciences Po Paris. She is working on EU migration policies, fundamental rights, and gender/LGBTI equality. Biography

Dr Serena D'Agostino

Dr Serena D'Agostino is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Migration, Diversity and Justice (CMDJ) of the Brussels School of Governance (BSoG), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Biography

Plenary Panel 4: Parliamentary and legislative ethnography: Gender, democracy, and practice
Prof Nadia E. Brown

Nadia E. Brown is a professor of Government and the director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Georgetown University. Professor Brown is the author of the award-winning Sisters in the Statehouse: Black women and Legislative Decision Making. Biography

Dr Jonathan Chibois

Dr Jonathan Chibois is an Anthropologist and Associate researcher at the Laboratory of Political Anthropology (EHESS, CNRS). Biography

Dr Cherry Miller

Dr Cherry Miller is a Lecturer in British and Comparative Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her research expertise is on gender, power and parliaments and developing methodological and conceptual tools to further knowledge about this. Biography

Dr Sandrine Roginsky

Dr Sandrine Roginsky is an Associate Professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Biography