EUGenDem Final Conference 'European Politics, Equality, and Democracy'
Keynote session 1: Challenges to European democracy and integration

Natasha Wunsch (Sciences Po, CEE & ETH Zurich): “European integration in the shadow of democratic backsliding” 

Elżbieta Korolczuk (Södertörn University & University of Warsaw): “Right-wing populism and (anti)gender politics in Europe”

Keynote session 2: European Parliament in turbulent times

Nathalie Brack (UL Brussels): “The challenge of the Populist Radical Right in the European Parliament”

Johanna Kantola (University of Helsinki): “Gender, power, and democracy in European Parliament's political groups”


Plenary panels:
  1. Critical perspectives on the informal in parliamentary politics

Jennifer Piscopo (Occidental College): “Gender and Informal Networks: Lessons from Women’s Strategies for Power and Change in the Americas”

Akwugo Emejulu (University of Warwick): “Ambivalent Activism: Contradiction as a Radical Democratic Praxis for Women of Colour Activists in Europe” 

Georgina Waylen (University of Manchester): “Informal institutions in parliamentary politics: Gender, power and change”

Laura Landorff (Lund University): “Intergroups in the European Parliament: Exclusive Arenas for Informal Civil Society Deliberation?”


  1. Governance and knowledge for equality and democracy 

Ben Crum (VU Amsterdam): “Democratizing Economic Governance in the European Union”

Stefanie Wöhl (University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna): “Gendered International Political Economy Perspectives on Economic Governance in the European Union – Taking Social Reproduction serious”

Paul Copeland (Queen Mary University of London): ​​“A step-change in EU anti-poverty policy? Evaluating recent developments”

Anna Elomäki (Tampere University): “Transformative or ambiguous actor? Where does the European Parliament stand in terms of EU socio-economic governance”


  1. Equality policies in the European Union

Iyiola Solanke (University of Leeds): “Protection from Intersectional Discrimination in EU Law - time for effective action?”

Petra Ahrens (Tampere University): “Gender mainstreaming in the EU policy framework and strategies in the European Parliament”

Amandine Le Bellec (Sciences Po Paris): “Shifting equality policies from the margins. The Common European Asylum System and the making of LGBTI rights in the EU''

Serena D’Agostino (VU Brussels): “Intersectional Discrimination and Romani Women’s Rights in Europe: Pushing the Equ(al)ity Boundaries”


  1. Parliamentary and legislative ethnography: Gender, democracy, and practice

Nadia Brown (Georgetown University):Doing Ethnographic Research as a Black Woman on Black Women Political Elites”

Jonathan Chibois (Laboratory of Political Anthropology, EHESS, CNRS): "Doing fieldwork in centres of power: the case of deliberative assemblies" 

Cherry Miller (University of Glasgow): “From Westminster to Brussels: Putting the ‘Parliament’ in Parliamentary Ethnography”

Sandrine Roginsky (Catholic University Louvain): “A decade of ethnography of the European Parliament: an evolution in the forms of legitimacy construction?”