EUGenDem Final Conference

How can we make European political institutions and policies more democratic and equal? What methods, concepts, and theories are needed to study them? To answer these questions, the conference brings together scholars working on key issues for democracy and equality in European politics today. The aim is to explore the power structures, actors, and dynamics shaping European democracy today. Topics range from political legitimacy, democratic practices and policy-making of European political institutions, to the impact of radical right populism and anti-gender backlash, and to promoting gender equality, anti-racism, and LGBTQI rights in European societies and politics. The conference explores how EU governance and the knowledge underpinning it is constructed and implemented, and with what outcomes.

The conference forges a dialogue between scholars across different disciplines and approaches bringing together EU studies, gender and politics, political science, and social scientists more broadly. The conference is organised around two keynote sessions, four plenary panels, and panel sessions with papers selected in an open call.

This is the final conference of the European Research Council funded EUGenDem Consolidator Grant project (2018-2023) which has studied the gendered practices and policies of the political groups of the European Parliament. Please see our list of publications here.