Why study at ExpREES?
The objective of the ExpREES is to train experts who are specialized both in their own discipline as well as in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The multidisciplinary approach of the ExpREES helps to give a wide perspective to the history, present and future of these areas. Graduates may find employement in different national and international organizations, work as researchers focusing on Russia and Eastern Europe as well as pursuit a career in the field of their own discipline. The programme strives also to enhance students’ employability skills creating connections between the studies and work life.

The ExpREES has a multidisciplinary curriculum which compiles various courses offered by the network universities into a comprehensive package from which students may choose courses best suited to strengthen their own expertise. In addition to the coordination of optional courses offered by the network universities, the Aleksanteri Institute organises three compulsory courses: ExpREES summer school, Master's thesis seminar and a multimodal course. ExpREES also offers annual study trips abroad. ExpREES encourages its students to go on student exchange through their home universities' exchange programmes, and also offers possibilities to participate in courses and summer schools abroad.