ExpREES Study Trips Abroad

Annual ExpREES study trips are planned by a team of ExpREES students. Would you like take part in such team work?

Organizing an ExpREES study trip

Each academic year ExpREES  organises at least one study trip to  one or more of the countries in Eurasia or Eastern Europe.

The aim of the study trip is to enhance your knowledge of Eurasia and/or Eastern Europe. The study trip consists of visits to universities, NGO's, international organizations, companies, institutions of local, national or regional governance, representatives of media etc. Students participating in the study trip will take care of the planning and organizing the programme of the study trip.

The ExpREES study trip is an optional course in the ExpREES curriculum. If you take part in the planning team of the study trip, e.g. prepare the programme, and write a report after the study trip, you will be granted 2-5 credits. The amount of credits depends on your share for planning and organising the programme of the study trip.

ExpREES  has an opportunity to provide ExpREES students taking part in the planning team of the study trip with a small grant which will cover part of the costs for flights and accommodation. The amount of the grant depends on the destination of the study trip. You may receive this grant only once during your ExpREES studies. You may also participate in the study trip without the grant and cover all the costs yourself.


Destinations of the study trips 2005-2022

2023: Kazakhstan (Astana and Almaty)

2022: North Macedonia and Kosovo

2019: Uzbekistan. Read more in Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

2018: Georgia and Armenia. Read more in Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

2017: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Read more in Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

2016:  Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Read more in the Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

2015: Armenia and Georgia. Read more from the blog (in Finnish).

2013: Baku. Check out our blog about the project.

2012: Tbilisi. Please read the trip report from Georgia.

2011:  the Republic of Mari through Moscow. Read our trip report.

2010: Kyiv. Remember to read the trip report.

2009: Excursion of Border. As a proof of the trip here is trip report.

2009:  Murmansk. Check the trip report.

2008: Moscow. You can read Lauri Lakiasuo’s trip report here.

2007: Belarus. Read our trip report.

2007: ExpREES participated in Tempus seminar in Arkhangelsk. Read more from detailed report.

2006: Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg. Read more from detailed report.

2005: Via Baltic.