Studying in Finland

Thinking about studying in Finland? Nearly 90% of the international students at the University of Helsinki recommend their studies in Finland for a reason. Find out what the university and country have to offer international students when it comes to education and a way of life, and get a taste of Finnish.


Finland has been chosen as one of the most liveable countries in the world thanks to the high quality of life and education as well as the overall stability. We have one of the most advanced educational systems in the world and Finnish schoolchildren have excelled in PISA surveys for several years. Finland is also one of the safest countries in the world where the values of equality, integrity, and openness are important.

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Finland is unique among the Nordic countries with its own distinctive language and culture. Although Finnish and Swedish are the official languages, the Finns are also among the best non-native English speakers in the world. As a nation, Finland is at the forefront of technology and still has its roots deep in nature. Winters can be harsh but warm summers and long hot summer days more than compensate for that cold season.

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*according to the EF English Proficiency Index

From the first lessons in elementary school to specialising in your field of interest at university, the Finnish education system is widely recognised for its greatness. But what are the key elements that helped Finland progress from austere conditions to the global forefront? An equal school system, high regard for teachers and top-quality teaching have played a significant role in the process, and we keep on developing even further to remain at the cutting edge.

Also the University of Helsinki is internationally renowned for its high-quality teaching, research, and innovation. All teaching is strongly research-based: all teachers are researchers and all researchers teach. This interaction between students and other researchers is an essential part of the academic life at the University of Helsinki. It also means that our students learn from top scientists. Could there be a better way to dive into the wonders of Finnish education than becoming a student at the University of Helsinki?

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The University of Helsinki is a significant international university and a multicultural institution, attracting students and staff from all over the world. Out of 32 000 students altogether 6% are international students coming from some other country than Finland. More than 20% of the research and teaching staff and nearly a third of the doctoral trainees and postdoctoral researchers come from abroad.

In international university rankings, the University of Helsinki ranks amongst the top 20 universities in Europe and top 100 universities worldwide. It is the largest university in Finland, and one of the leading multidisciplinary research universities in the world, aiming to produce high-impact knowledge and know-how that contribute to solving global challenges. You can choose from over 30 Master's Programmes in English. The wide variety of minor subject options allows a multidisciplinary approach and enables you to tailor your degree based on your own interests and strengths.

Student life is also an important part of your study experience. At the University of Helsinki, student life blooms in more than 250 student organisations. Whatever your interests are, you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you.

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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is one of the most liveable cities in the world and a vibrant city for students. With several higher education institutions in the Helsinki area and 60 000 university students, the city is well set up to cater to the needs of students from all walks of life. There are many student activities, services and leisure activities on offer.

Helsinki is a very safe, modern, and green city with half a million inhabitants. It is a compact and vibrant seaside city with a cool urban culture and design, beautiful islands and green parks where everything works and is within your easy reach.

The University of Helsinki operates on four campuses in Helsinki. In addition, the university operates at 15 other locations in Finland and abroad.

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It is easy to get by in Finland with English as the Finnish people are among the best non-native English speakers in the world*. However, learning the local language will make your stay more rewarding and gives you more career options after graduation.

Finnish is part of the Finno-Ugric family of languages, and the structure and vocabulary are very different from the Indo-European languages. But it doesn't mean that it is difficult - it is merely different!

A Taste of Finnish is an online course that has been designed especially for students planning to come and study at the University of Helsinki for a term or longer. It gives a good picture of the Finnish language and a toolbox for simple everyday situations with the Finns – a taste of Finnish.

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For enrolled exchange, visiting and international degree students, the University of Helsinki offers free Finnish language courses. They are a fun way to learn the language and network with other international students, and you to get to know the culture as well.

* EF English Proficiency Index

The Finns aren’t the biggest chit-chatters and don’t feel the need to fill every silent moment in a conversation with blabber. This doesn’t mean we aren’t social – we are but in our own funny way. Genuine Finns usually mean what they say. We prefer a straight and honest approach, which explains why lots of people like to do business with us.  

On the other hand, Finnish people love to tell tales and test the listener if they buy everything they are told. We giggle by ourselves and become happy when the listener realises we were only joking. This is a part of Finnish black humour and one shouldn’t get offended by this sort of treatment – telling jokes and even laughing at someone's cost is our peculiar way of telling we like you. If you get invited to a Finnish home you have earned your place in a Finnish heart and are building up to a life-long friendship with a Finn!