Student life in Helsinki
Student life is not just about studying but also about learning and experiencing new things with the student community. Luckily, the Student Union (HYY) is there to organise services, benefits and events so that you as a student can focus on the most important part: studying and student life.
Join an active student community

Student Union (HYY) for better student life

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) advocates students’ interests both at the university and in society. They organise services, benefits and events so that you as a student can focus on the most important part: studying and student life.

All our students completing a Bachelor's or Master's degree are members of the Student Union (HYY), the largest and oldest student union in Finland. For exchange and PhD students, the membership is voluntary.

As a member, you are entitled to various services and benefits offered directly or indirectly by the Student Union.

Get involved in student organisations

The Student Union (HYY) enables extracurricular activities by supporting active volunteer work and organisational activities. There are over 250 student organisations operating within the Student Union (HYY) opening up a field of opportunities for you.

You can choose between:

  • faculty and subject organisations
  • political and societal organisations
  • choirs & orchestras
  • theatres and other cultural organisations
  • international organisations
  • sports and game clubs

Joining one or more of these organisations give you an opportunity to learn things that are not included in the actual university curriculum, but still an integral part of university studies and growth into an educated individual. Along the way, you will make friends and have fun.

Whatever your interests are, you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you. If not, you can always found a new student organisation.

Enjoy aca­demic tra­di­tions and stu­dent events

Student life and the academic year are peppered with a variety of academic traditions and events. Throughout the year, the University of Helsinki and the Student Union (HYY) organise a wide variety of events and parties open to all students, for example:

  • an opening carnival to celebrate the start of the academic year
  • a traditional procession on Finland’s Independence Day
  • festivities on Shrove Tuesday including an academic sledging race

The activities of the different student organisations include:

  • anniversary celebrations
  • academic dinner parties
  • cultural events
  • get-togethers
  • work-life excursions
  • trips into nature

Read more on about student events at the University of Helsinki. You can also follow culture, events & parties by the Student Union @hyyevents on Facebook or Instagram.

Besides student events, you can immerse yourself in the world of science and the latest research by attending events at the Think Corner.

The city of Helsinki is also packed with activities, happenings and events that you can enjoy both in the cold of winter and under the midnight sun.

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