Open university enrolment and payment terms

We recommend you to check our enrolment and payment terms before enrolling on a course.

The studies are organised by the University of Helsinki. No value-added tax will be charged on course and module fees. The University of Helsinki reserves the right to change the information in the study programme.
  • Enrolment to the open university courses opens mainly 45 days prior to the start of course. To some courses it is possible to enrol more flexibly on one's own schedule. 

  • As a rule, the enrolment takes place online, via course's course page.

  • The enrolment is always binding. 

  • The study fee is paid online upon the enrolment.

  • Enrolling on the reserve list to wait for an opening is not binding. A place on the reserve list does not entitle to attend classes or take an examination.

  • In case of massive open online courses (MOOC), the enrolment practices differ. The specific information is reported on course page. 

  • If the course is organized in a partner institution, there might be other enrolment and payment terms. They should be checked from the institution itself.

  • Instructions for students: Enrolment and fees

  • The enrolment to open university studies is always binding. In principle, once paid fees will not be refunded.

  • If the student is unable to begin her studies due to illness, Open University will refund the amount of a fee that exeeds 75 euros. A doctor’s or nurse’s certificate is required. The refund will take place within approximately one month. 

  • If the University of Helsinki has to cancel the course due to insufficient enrolment or for similar reasons, we will refund 100% of the course fee and credit your account within approximately one month.

  • If the course is organized in a partner institution, there might be other enrolment, payment and cancellation terms. They should be checked from the institution itself.

  • See instructions for students: Enrolment and fees

  • The fee entitles the student to undertake the studies and examinations indicated in the study programme.

  • The right to study applies to courses and examinations in the course page. Information about the right to study and registration is shown in Sisu. Instructions to students: Student information

  • If a study module includes optional courses, the module fee covers only the courses included in the minimum number of credits for the module. Any additional courses will be subject to a separate fee.

  • The study fee is 15 euros per credit.

  • Open University fees are based on the Universities Act (24 July 2009/558) and the Government decree on fees for university services (1082/2009) and its amendment (1436/2014).

  • Open university fees, including interest and costs, are receivables under public law and, as such, can be enforced even in the absence of a legal judgment or court order (Act No 706/2007).

Fees are payable upon registration through an online bank transfer. Payments are made through the Paytrail website. Payment methods (Paytrail Oyj) NB! American Express is not valid at the University of Helsinki.

On a bank statement or credit card bill the receiver of the payment will be Paytrail Oyj. Paytrail Oyj delivers the payment to the University of Helsinki.

The realiser of the payment transfer service and the provider of the payment service is Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj acquires the payment transaction and delivers the payment to the University of Helsinki. From the user perspective, the service functions in the same way as traditional online payment processes. Paytrail Oyj is a licensed payment institution.

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