Celebrating teaching in 2022–2023

Why celebrate teaching?

The coronavirus pandemic forced the University of Helsinki to adapt to exceptional circumstances, giving rise to discussion on the significance of inclusivity and being able to meet face to face, and putting the spotlight on high-quality remote teaching and learning.

Teaching based on research is one of the core duties of universities. Right now, we are living in a period of transformation in teaching accelerated by the pandemic. During the year, central pedagogical innovations will be highlighted in a range of events and discussions that aim to consider the kinds of teachers and learning practices we need.

Current affairs

This year, all members of the University community are invited to discuss the future of university teaching. Key themes of the events organised during the year will include learning, teaching, education, guidance, supervision, interaction, inclusivity, wellbeing, educational technology and support services for teaching.

The issues explored reflect the University of Helsinki’s strategic choices, such as the strong link between research and teaching, and the wellbeing of students and staff. One of our key strategic choices during the 2021–2030 strategy period has been encapsulated as follows: Knowledge and learning are for everyone. The strong connection between research and teaching is an integral part of this choice and at the core of our activities and our very existence.


The strong connection between research and teaching is reflected in a variety of ways in our day-to-day operations. This year, we will organise both internal and open events seeking answers to questions such as:

  • What is the connection between research and teaching really about?
  • What does it mean for student learning and the development of expertise?
  • And how is the connection between research and teaching reflected in the teaching, guidance and supervision provided by teachers? Should it be managed systematically at the University, and if so, how?

Our aim is also to be the best place to study, teach, work and conduct research in 2030. This means, among other things, that students participate in all activities within the University community, which requires encouragement from supervisors and a leadership style that aims to engage the community. This year, we will reflect on how pedagogical leadership can support wellbeing