Doctoral School in Natural Sciences
The Doctoral School in Natural Sciences (DONASCI) serves as an umbrella organisation for seven doctoral programmes in natural sciences. The participating faculties, departments and independent institutes provide the doctoral candidates outstanding research environment hosting, for example, several centres of excellence of the Academy of Finland.

For the four-year term 2018-2021 members of the board are:

Professor Ilkka Kilpeläinen

Professor Emilia Kilpua
Professor Ilmo Kukkonen
Academy Professor Timo Vesala
Professor Lauri Halonen
Professor Xiao Zhong
Professor Ilpo Vattulainen
Professor Tomi Männistö
Doctoral Candidate Tommi Mäklin (term 2020-2021)

Liisa Uotila, PhD

Senior adviser
+ 358 2941 24848