Doctoral Programme in Human Behaviour

The Doctoral Programme in Human Behaviour (DPHuB) at the University of Helsinki is aimed at training professional researchers and academic scientists in the broad fields of experimental and clinical psychology, logopedics, and medicine (e.g., psychiatry, neurology, pediatrics, public health, clinical neurosciences).


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Did you know?

Our key research areas are

  • adaptive and maladaptive human behavior
  • action
  • perception
  • cognition
  • emotion
  • social interaction
  • development
  • aging and individual differences

as well as neurocognitive, psychosocial, environmental, physiological, biological and molecular principles of human behavior, health consequences of  human behavior, human behavior change, intervention, prevention, and rehabilitation using various study designs ranging from experiments to population-based studies and clinical interventions.


Our programme trains experts in multidisciplinary research of human behaviour.
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