Employment as a doctoral researcher

Once a year, the doctoral programme opens a call for applications for university-funded doctoral researcher positions. The doctoral researchers selected for these positions complete their doctoral research employed by the university. Both current University of Helsinki doctoral researchers and new applicants planning on doctoral studies are eligible to apply for these positions.
Funding for doctoral research

The next application period for University-funded doctoral researcher positions starting in 2025 is 27.8.-9.9.2024. 

Application instructions can be found from the University's Instructions for Students pages


Funding options for a PhD project at the University of Helsinki:

  1. University-funded doctoral researcher position. Application instructions can be found from the University's Instructions for Students pages. 
  2. Salary or grant paid by the supervisors through their research project funding. Many research groups have project funding from e.g. Research Council of Finland, Business Finland, ERC, foundations, etc. and can hire doctoral researchers. You are expected to contact prospective supervisors independently and agree on the details of the thesis project with them.
  3. A personal grant from a private foundation applied by the doctoral researchers themselves. You can apply for funding from several Finnish or foreign foundations: research.fi/en/funding-calls
  4. Doctoral researchers may also fund their studies themselves or pursue their degree in tandem with work.

The University of Helsinki does not collect tuition fees from doctoral researchers, and studies at the university are free. However, as a doctoral researcher, you are expected to cover your own costs for living and accommodation. More information on Funding for doctoral research.

Please note that applying for a doctoral study right is a separate process from applying for funding for a doctoral researcher position. More information on how to apply for doctoral study right.

Decisions 2023

Proposal for UH-funded doctoral candidate positions starting in 2024

Doctoral Programme in Human Behaviour (DPHuB) received 16 eligible applications for the University of Helsinki -funded doctoral candidate positions starting in January 2024. The applications were evaluated by external evaluators representing the DPHuB research areas. Based on the evaluation results, the following proposal was made by the DPHuB Board on November 6th, 2023. The host institution of the doctoral candidate makes the funding decision.

The names of the doctoral candidates recommended for funding are given below in alphabetical order (length of funding period and main supervisor in brackets):

  • Kuuramo, Crista (1 year, I. Kurki)
  • Li, Yan (3 years, M. Flykt)
  • Niemi, Saija (3 years, M. Olkkonen)

The decisions for doctoral study right applications are given by the Faculty of Medicine by the beginning of December 2023.