Sustainability and responsibility reports and plans
One of the strategic choices of the University of Helsinki is that we want to be a forerunner in responsibility and sustainability. We monitor and report on our sustainability and responsibility work. On this page, we collect our reports on sustainability and responsibility.
Sustainability and Responsibility Plan 2022-2024

The strategy 2021–2030 of the University of Helsinki outlines that we want to be a leader in responsibility and sustainability. Ambitious targets do not happen overnight nor without concrete actions. This plan presents an overview of the University of Helsinki’s sustainability targets and initiatives for 2022–2024. This collection of initiatives championed by various units, groups and individuals highlights our effort to integrate sustainability and responsibility into everything we do and move from single initiatives to a more holistic sustainability approach.

Sustainability Highlights - Sustainability and Responsibility at the University of Helsinki 2017-2020

This is the first comprehensive report on the sustainability and responsibility efforts of the University of Helsinki. At the beginning of the new strategy period 2021–2030, we are taking a look at the past to better plan for the future. This report is a review of our sustainability and responsibility work carried out in the previous strategy period of 2017–2020, and a way of making our efforts increasingly transparent and open.

The report has been split into sections on the website to improve readability and accessibility. The full report can also be downloaded in a low-resolution format.

Table of contents, Foreword by Rector Sari Lindblom, and introduction of the report.

The organisational structure and operating culture of the University create the preconditions for the promotion of sustainability and responsibility. In the strategy period 2017–2020, we established a committee for sustainability and responsibility at the University, which is responsible for the development and monitoring of sustainability and responsibility efforts as well as related reporting. Sustainability-themed research centres, communities and institutes support our sustainability and responsibility efforts.

At the University of Helsinki, we promote sustainable development in a range of disciplines on all of our campuses. The University has 40,000 students and researchers and 11 faculties conducting groundbreaking multidisciplinary research.

Sustainability issues are linked to all fields of education, and we offer perspectives of sustainable development as part of many degree programmes, courses and study modules. Themes related to sustainable development are taught at almost all faculties, from the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences to the Faculty of Arts.

To realise our vision – Global impact in interaction – we intensified and increased collaboration with both new and established partners. Sustainability themes are a key element of our partnerships and societal impact. We collaborate on sustainability themes with cities, businesses and foundations. Another important element is cooperation with other universities and government research institutes, both in Finland and abroad.

Sustainability and responsibility in academic day-to-day life includes the development of administration, efforts related to equality and diversity, the promotion of a carbon-neutral circular economy and biodiversity, as well as responsible investment.

Other reports on sustainability and responsibility

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