Responsibility and sustainability
The University of Helsinki actively develops society, engenders welfare and solves global challenges. Our operations are thoroughly guided by social responsibility.
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Values and strategy guide our actions

Our values and our strategy 2021–2030, "With the power of know­ledge – for the world", guide our choices and actions.

During the next ten years:

We will cultivate our global responsibility and sustainable development by actively participating in international debates, projects and the drafting of research programmes and policies. As the knowledge generated by the University will support society in its path towards sustainability, we will be considered a knowledgeable and attractive partner. The goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda will provide a framework for sustainable development and responsible action.

The University of Helsinki is Fairtrade University

In 2013 the University of Helsinki became the second university in Finland to be awarded the title of Fairtrade university.

In autumn 2012, students presented a proposal to apply for the title, and the University leadership seized on the idea. Supporting fair trade is a concrete way to support sustainable development and make procurement practices increasingly responsible.

As a Fairtrade university, the University is committed to promoting the use and availability of Fairtrade-certified products, as well as increasing the University community’s awareness of Fairtrade and its significance to global production and consumption networks.

Fair cof­fee and tea

Thousands of cups of coffee and tea are consumed daily at the University, which makes the choice of brand significant. The coffee and tea served at official University events are always Fairtrade coffee and tea, a decision made together with Ylva (previously the HYY Group) restaurants, Fazer Amica and Sodexo.

Annually, the restaurants operated by Ylva deliver more than half of all the coffe

Specialists of sustainability and equality

Themes related to sustainable development and responsibility are researched and taught at almost all of the faculties of the University of Helsinki – from the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences to the Faculty of Social Sciences – under topics ranging from circular economy and food production to Baltic Sea conservation and climate research.