Event instructions for the Unioninkatu 33 banquet rooms

The University of Helsinki banquet rooms at Unioninkatu 33 are located in a building of unique cultural and historical value on the City Centre Campus. The facilities are well suited to, for example, holding seminars as well as more formal occasions. They can be adapted to both meetings and receptions, including the serving of refreshments.

The University of Helsinki Banqueting Rooms can be reserved for events organized by the University of Helsinki.

There are a total of four event venues at the Unioninkatu banquet rooms available for booking: three venues of varying size on the upper floor, and the Vault on the ground floor located next to the sauna. Not all of the venues can be booked at the same time. Instead, they are divided into two sections, which means that it is only possible to have one group at a time occupying the upper floor simultaneously with another group on the lower floor.

The upper floor is suitable for events of a maximum of 100 people. The premises can be booked for weekdays from 8.00 to 22.00.

As a rule, events held at the banquet rooms must include catering, with the exception of teaching-related events.

Catering services are organised by Well Catering: info@wellcatering.fi.


The Banquet Room is suitable for festive events or meetings:

  • Seated dinner, 80 people
  • Cocktail reception, 100 people
  • Furniture arranged in a U-shape set-up, 40 people
  • Furniture arranged for a classroom, 70 people
  • Rows of chairs, 100 people

The Yellow Room serves as a banquet facility, in addition to which it can be used to organise catering for guests at festivities and meetings:

  • Seated dinner, 60 people
  • Cocktail reception, 100 people

The upper floor facilities can be used jointly or separately.

The Aino Cabinet functions as a catering space for events. On its own, the facility is also suitable for intimate and small-scale negotiations and meetings (e.g., a seated dinner for 12 people).

On the street level are the Vault meeting room as well as the sauna and the fireplace room. These facilities are suitable for, for example, organising relaxed meetings and evening events. The Vault has a large table for 18 people.

For the availability of the facilities, see Optime.

Please note that the facilities are not accessible. The most accessible entrance still has some obstacles and requires an escort. The lift in the building is not suitable for electric wheelchairs. There is no accessible entrance to the Vault.

  • Use of the facility at the time of booking. The staff in the building are only available at the time of booking.
  • Arrangement of furniture before the event. Please note that during the event we do not rearrange the furniture.
  • The staff will handle event signage. Please let us know if the event name has changed from the name used in the booking.
  • Lobby services will help in practical matters, including assistance with the AV equipment at the beginning of the event.
  • A wireless connection is available in the building.
  • The Aino Cabinet serves as a catering facility (buffet) for the upper floor premises in cases where the Banquet Room or the Yellow Room are booked, and unless otherwise agreed upon when planning the event.

Additional AV services 

To ensure the smooth use of technical solutions, the University’s AV support offers additional services. For enquiries concerning additional AV services, please contact av-tuki@helsinki.fi

Prices for additional AV services start from €95 (VAT 0%)/€117.80 (including VAT 24%) per hour. Service prices for 2022.

Additional AV services available on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00, at other times by separate agreement.

For the prices of additional AV services for events organised by the University of Helsinki, see Flamma.


Start planning catering as early as possible. 

Catering services in the building are provided by Well Catering: info@wellcatering.fi.

Bringing your own refreshments or ordering catering from other operators is not permitted, with the exception of alcoholic beverages. If alcohol is served at the event, the event organiser must purchase and deliver the beverages to the venue.

Agree on the delivery time and the quantity of beverages in advance by writing to u33banquetrooms@helsinki.fi. There are lockable storage refrigerators in the facility where refreshments can be kept cold.

Coat-check services 

There is an unsupervised locker for about 100 people in the lobby. At Unioninkatu 33, it is possible to request a supervised coat-check service as an additional service for events. The pricing of the coat-check service is included in the price list (in Finnish only). Please note the higher prices on weekday evenings.


Use of the sauna must be separately agreed.