Event instructions for the Great Hall

In the Great Hall of the University of Helsinki, you can organise a festive event for more than 700 guests for example, a concert. The main building was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel in 1832 and is located next to the Senate Square. The Great Hall is located on the old side of the main building, facing the Senate Square.

On this page you will find instructions on how to organise an event in the Great Hall. Reservation requests must be made at least 4 weeks before the desired date of the event.
  • Use of the Great Hall at the booked time. The reservation must include at least one hour of preparation time before the start of the event.
  • The use of the south and north foyers as, for example, catering facilities. Maximum capacity of the facilities: south foyer 150 people, north foyer 100 people. 
  • Arrangement of stage equipment before the event. See photos of different arrangements (pdf)
  • Customer service's (one person) help for practical arrangements as well as a technician for AV-support and execution for the duration of the event (one person). 
  • Open Wifi


  • Use of the sound system for speaking. A maximum of eight (8) wireless microphones can be used simultaneously.
  • The following microphones are available: 4 headset microphones, 4 handheld microphones, 4 short gooseneck microphones and 4 long gooseneck microphones. Gooseneck microphones are wireless table-stand microphones.
  • Please note that microphone selection cannot be changed during the event.
  • Fixed microphones: there are two fixed microphones in the lectern.
  • When the sound system is used for speaking in the Great Hall, one person will manage it throughout the event.To make sure that the event runs technically smoothly, the program timetable should be sent in advance to our staff. You can download the template here.

Screening computer

  • We recommend that the laptop installed on the stage in the Great Hall be used as the screening computer. The screening computer can be positioned in the lectern or elsewhere on the stage.
  • Presentations can be transferred to the computer, for example, via memory stick. The event organiser manages presentations and slideshows with a clicker. To ensure the smooth use of technical solutions at the event, we recommend that you request presentations in advance from the speakers and organise them in order of presentation. The aspect ratio for projected presentations is 16:9. 
  • The stage can be equipped with a display screen, which displays the projected presentation content to the speaker. 

Presentation projectors 

  • Presentation material can be projected onto two different screens. We recommend that both projectors be used to display the same image. This ensures equal visibility to the audience regardless of seating. Projecting two different images at the same time requires two different screening computers. 
  • The screens can also be raised to the ceiling out of sight if there is no need to show any material during the event.


  • Presentation lighting can be used on the stage during presentations. The stage lighting can be dimmed throughout videos, for example, but this will leave the speaker in the dark as well.

By separate agreement, the services also include the following:

  • Streaming the programme with a single camera to Unitube (the University of Helsinki’s video publishing channel). Unitube live stream links are always public: https://video.helsinki.fi/unitube/live-stream.html?room=l52 also recording of the event.
  • Please take into consideration the copyright of presentation material to be streamed.
  • A wired network is available for external streamers. 

If you need additional support in technical matters relating to presentation, you can request additional AV services for the duration of the event. 

The coat-check service must always be booked for events held in the Great Hall. The fees of the coat-check staff are determined in accordance with the number of participants in the event. 

Events of up to 400 participants

Weekdays from 8.00 to 18.00: €155  (VAT 0%)/ €192,20 (including VAT 24%) per hour

Weekends and other times: €310,00 (VAT 0%)/ €384,40 (including VAT 24%) per hour 


Events of over 400 participants 

Weekdays from 8.00 to 18.00: €310,00 (VAT 0%)/ €384,40 (including VAT 24%) per hour

Weekends and other times: €620,00 (VAT 0%)/ €768,80 (including VAT 24%) per hour


Service prices for 2024. The minimum invoicing price is for four hours.

As a rule, the coat-check service starts one hour before the event and ends one hour after its conclusion. 

Additional AV services 

To ensure the smooth use of technical solutions, the University’s AV support offers additional services. Examples:

  • technical support for the remote connection of speakers (testing and remote support).
  • music performance
  • the fixed AV equipment in the Great Hall makes it possible to record and direct the event with two cameras. 
  • audio summing for the media and external streamers (Available from the balcony and a separately agreed AV switch box in the hall.) 

For enquiries concerning additional AV services, please write to av-tuki@helsinki.fi

Prices for additional AV services start from €95 (VAT 0%)/€117.80 (including VAT 24%) per hour. Service prices for 2024.

Additional AV services on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00, at other times by separate agreement.

For the prices of additional AV services for events organised by the University of Helsinki, see Flamma

Grand piano

The room is equipped with grand piano. For additional charge the grand piano can be tuned or it can be transferred from the Great Hall.

Additional facilities in the Great Hall 

Are other activities planned in connection with the programme in the Great Hall, such as catering, exhibition stands or other programming? The capacity of the additional facilities can be increased by booking other spaces adjacent to the Great Hall:


Mikael Wexionius 

Fredrik Pacius 

Johan Ludvig Runeberg 

Order catering

Start planning catering as early as possible. Catering services in the Main Building are provided by Sodexo: hy.hospitality@sodexo.com

The restaurant operator carries a license to sell alcohol on the premises and the exclusive right to carry out restaurant operations in the Main Building. Please note that drinks and other refreshments are not permitted in the Great Hall.

Additional labour costs
Depending on the nature of your event there may be additional costs, which will be charged as extra:
- If your event's programme extends beyond the opening hours of the building
- If your event requires extra cleaning 
- If your event requires more resources than normal to prepare

Manual work on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm: 50€/h VAT 0%, 62€/h VAT 24%.
Manual work other times: 100€/h VAT 0%, 124€/h VAT 24% 
2024 rates, minimum booking 4h 

Additional Information

Reservations and additional information: helsinkiunivenues@helsinki.fi

Please see the booking terms for short-term rental. The booking can be cancelled four weeks before the event free of charge.