Instructions for organising events at the University

This page contains instructions for event organisers and guidelines for booking venues at the University of Helsinki.
Venues and booking

Request a venue for your event using the form for venue requests.

Before making your request, explore the University facilities available on this website.

The University’s booking services will be glad to help you to find a suitable venue.


Mon–Fri 12.00–13.00, phone 02941 24500

Venue booking for members of the University community

See Flamma for venue booking instructions and prices for members of the University community.

Booking terms

The University of Helsinki rents facilities on a short-term basis to companies, academic communities, public and non-profit corporations, associations and NGOs. Facilities are not rented out for the purpose of holding party political or religious events, or commercial events that directly compete with the University’s activities. 

For more information, see the booking terms.

Please note the terms regarding cancellations.

Other matters to consider when organising events

Selecting an appropriate venue is a major factor contributing to the success of your event. When booking a space, consider the objectives of your event and the types of services and additional facilities required by the programme.

Below is a checklist for selecting a venue.

  • When booking the venue, consider its accessibility, including an accessible entrance and accessible services. For more detailed criteria, see the checklist for accessible events by the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities (in Finnish only).
  • For more information about the accessibility of University facilities, see the teaching facilities website and contact the lobby services in the relevant building. Contact details for the building-specific lobby services are available in each venue description.
  • Live streaming and providing for remote participation is a central part of modern event organisation. Consider what kind of technical solutions the venue offers and what kind of solutions your programme requires. The venue description pages describe the technical solutions available in the facilities, many of which are equipped with standard audiovisual technology.
  • Safety and security should already be given consideration before booking the venue, as the facilities pose restrictions, for example, on audience numbers and the kinds of activities possible.
  • Reserve the time needed for preparing and clearing the venue. As a rule, University facilities are furnished. If setting up your event requires special arrangements or structures, contact the lobby services in the building well in advance.
  • Catering must be ordered from the cafeteria that is operating in the building. The building-specific cafeteria operators are listed on the teaching facilities website. The restaurant staff will assist you in selecting a suitable setting for the catering.
  • For the opening hours of University buildings, see the opening hours website.