Save the date: Workshop on Rock Physics and Damage

This is the first announcement for a 3.5 day workshop on Rock Physics and Damage at the University of Helsinki from Monday 5 September to Thursday 8 September 2022; this event is planned on-site only.

The workshop covers basic and advanced topics of rock deformation and damage rheology and targets MSc students, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and researchers and professionals in related fields.

You can register to the workshop by filling in this e-form.

Lectures and course units are given and hosted by two distinct experts:

The list of topics includes:

  • Stress at brittle failure
  • Evolution of physical properties during failure
  • Micromechanics of failure
  • Damage rheology for brittle rocks
  • Elasticity of damaged rocks
  • Kinetic of damage accumulation and healing 
  • Numerical aspects and applications

The workshop is hosted by the Institute of Seismology, University of Helsinki, Finland and organized in collaboration with Seismic Risk and Nordic EPOS projects. Seismic Risk project is funded through Academy of Finland’s special funding for Crisis preparedness and security of supply (project number 337913) and Nordic EPOS – A FAIR Nordic EPOS Data Hub -project through the NordForsk Research Infrastructure Hubs 2020–2022 (decision number 97318).

Updated information on registration, crediting, and travel support for students participating from other Nordic countries (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) follows in the coming weeks.

For further information please contact