A tailored career path

In our three-level tenure track, a fixed-term assistant professorship of three to five years leads to an associate professorship of three to five years. This culminates in a permanent professorship if the criteria for granting tenure are met. All stages of the tenure track can be entered directly depending on the career stage of the applicant. The intention of the system is to increase the predictability, competitiveness and attractiveness of academic careers.

Our tenure track model enables the careful selection of candidates. Once a candidate is selected, individual criteria are set to define the guidelines for progress along the tenure track.

The assessment is always an overall assessment of three areas. The following criteria are used to assess the candidates both during recruitment and for progress on tenure track:

  1. Research qualifications
  2. Teaching and supervision qualifications
  3. Public engagement and interaction within the University community
Careers: career parh overview

In the recruitment of assistant/associate professors and professors are assessed in three areas:
•    Research qualifications
•    Teaching and supervision qualifications
•    Public engagement and interaction within the University community

The assessment is always conducted as an overall assessment of the listed set of criteria. The criteria are based on the Rector’s Decision HY/125/

Assessment criteria for Assistant Professor

During the first stage, an assistant professor is expected to demonstrate academic potential and ability to develop in an academic career. When recruiting for the first stage of the tenure track, the aim is to recognise future potential:

  • High-quality research merits and qualifications compared to the amount of academic experience, evidence of an independent research approach as well as of the originality and quality of research
  • The quality and number of peer-reviewed publications and/or monographs
  • Activity in national and international research groups and/or networks Postgraduate studies, postdoctoral terms and/or working abroad
  • Experts in the field consider the candidate to possess future potential
  • Demonstrated motivation to develop teaching and possible teaching experience as well as other teaching qualifications
  • Activity in academic research communities
  • Demonstrated activity in acquiring competitive research funding.

Assessment criteria for Associate Professor

During the second stage, associate professors are expected to have significant scientific merits in addition to future potential. The individual has clear potential for a full professorship:

  • Evidence of continuous, increasingly high-quality scientific research
  • Independently authored peer-reviewed publications in important publication series/publication forums in the field and/or monographs published by significant publishers
  • Activity in international research groups and/or networks and working abroad
  • Experts in the field consider the candidate a respected scholar
  • Demonstrated teaching and supervision experience, evidence of developing teaching and other teaching qualifications
  • Activity (incl. leadership experience) in academic research communities
  • Evidence of acquiring competitive research funding
  • Public engagement and interaction within the University community.

Assessment criteria for Professor (full)

An individual recruited as a professor is expected to have strong academic merits and qualifications and be recognised as a significant opinion-leader in his or her own discipline:

  • High-quality scientific qualifications and significant publication merits
  • Evidence of experience in the supervision of scientific research
  • Evidence of supervision of doctoral dissertations and other supervision experience 
  • Ability to provide high-quality teaching based on research
  • Extensive teaching experience and pedagogical training, teaching skills demonstration assessed at least good (at minimum)
  • Ability to produce and develop learning material
  • Experience, skills and evidence of acting in the role of an academic leader, strong leadership and interaction skills
  • Activity within the scientific community
  • Evidence of acquiring significant competitive research funding
  • International scientific activities and positions of trust
  • Evidence of public engagement.

To support you in your path towards full professorship, we will tailor a career path for you with individually considered criteria for progress. These criteria build up your competence step by step to allow you to progress on the tenure track. Meeting the challenges set for you will show us that you are determined to ambitiously pursue the career of a professor at the University of Helsinki. We also offer a possibility for mentoring to support you on your path.

Individual criteria for progress are defined after you have been recruited for a position. The following criteria are used to assess the candidates both during recruitment and for progress on tenure track:

  • Research qualifications
  • Teaching and supervision qualifications
  • Public engagement and interaction within the University community