Career model for university lecturers and clinical instructors

The University of Helsinki considers it important to support the progress of researchers in their academic careers as university lecturers and clinical instructors. The University has a career model encompassing university lecturers, senior university lecturers, clinical instructors and senior clinical instructors.

Appointments to the positions of university lecturer and clinical instructor are made through open, usually international, recruitment processes. Each recruitment process includes the assessment of candidates, interviews and, as part of the comprehensive assessment of teaching skills, teaching demonstrations.

Appointments to the positions of senior university lecturer or senior clinical instructor require an internal assessment process. Application practices vary by faculty.

In the University career model, individuals may advance to the positions of professor, associate professor or assistant professor through an open recruitment process or by invitation.

The University of Helsinki supports the career development of university lecturers and clinical instructors by employing the above career model and encouraging the relevant individuals to apply for tenure track positions. In addition, permanent positions include research-intensive periods. The University also offers training in university-level teaching and learning.

Positions of university lecturer and clinical instructor

University lecturers and clinical instructors carry out research and teaching independently in their field, focusing on various duties. They play a key role in supporting student learning and academic performance and in developing and providing teaching based on research.

University lecturers and clinical instructors must hold an applicable doctoral degree and be able to provide high-quality teaching based on research and to supervise theses. In addition, university lecturers must have good teaching skills, and clinical instructors at least satisfactory teaching skills. Persons with an applicable licentiate degree who are thoroughly familiar with the field of the position may be appointed as clinical instructors.

Assessment criteria for the positions of university lecturer and clinical instructor

The assessment criteria for university lecturers and clinical instructors are based on the Rector's decision HY/11778/ and encompass three areas:

Research qualifications

  • Evidence of active publication in recent years
  • Demonstration of other scholarly activity. For example, evidence of independent research activity, the ability to lead a research group, activities in Finnish or international research groups or networks, and experience in the acquisition of research funding

Teaching and supervision qualifications

  • Evidence of teaching and supervision experience and of other teaching qualifications
  • Evidence of the ability to develop teaching
  • Pedagogical studies

Public engagement:

  • Evidence of public engagement  

Additional assets may include the following:

  • Significant recognition for teaching or research
  • International teaching or research collaboration
  • Versatile pedagogical training
  • Evidence of teaching development in a degree programme or faculty
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