Think Lounge

Think Lounge is an event space located on the second floor of Think Corner. Think Lounge is suitable for events with 40–50 attendees. The premises can also be used to organise workshops for no more than 30 people.

Think Lounge can be booked for events from Monday to Friday during Think Corner customer service hours on weekdays between 9.00 and 19.30 and in max. three-hour slots.

The basic furnishings at the premises include six high tables with chairs positioned in a workshop configuration, in addition to which there are folding chairs that can be placed in rows. Think Corner prepares the space with either workshop tables or with tables and chair rows combination for you.

Fa­cil­ity equip­ment

  • Sound: 4 wireless handheld microphones and K-array loudspeakers
  • Video: A mobile 82-inch Panasonic screen with touch screen


The broad selection at Tiedekulma Cafe can provide food and drinks for any event. Nutritious breakfasts and lunches, sumptuous snacks, hors d’oeuvres and drinks – we can do it all. The Think Corner event venues are licensed to serve alcohol.

Ask more about our catering services: tiedekulma(at)

Book the event space

Enquiries on the suitability and availability of Think Lounge must be made no less than two weeks before the desired event date. Please check the availability of Think Lounge in Optime (spring 2024) before submitting a facility enquiry. Please use the week-view in the Optime calendar instead of the month- view, so you can see all the markings in the calendar. See also the Think Corner event policy and price list