Think Corner's mission and event policy

University of Helsinki's Think Corner brings science and research into people’s everyday lives. We contribute to public discussion with the help of research-based knowledge, turning current research topics into fascinating events. We boost the visibility of research and researchers, while increasing interaction between the University of Helsinki and societal operators.

Think Corner is a gateway to the University. All event facilities at Think Corner are open spaces, and events are always open to everyone.
Think Corner event policy
  1. Events held at Think Corner connect clearly to research and science.
  2. The content and the format of events are made accessible to the general public.
  3. Events are open to all.

Think Corner reserves the right to assess whether the event is appropriate for Think Corner.

Are you looking for experts for your event? We strongly recommend involving researchers from the University of Helsinki in your event. You can browse University experts by theme here.

Consider these matters when planning an event at Think Corner

In the event proposal, the event organiser must be able to describe the content, purpose and presenters of the event to a degree that makes it possible to determine the event’s suitability for Think Corner. The organiser cannot unilaterally and substantially change the content and purpose of the event. Think Corner reserves the right to assess whether the content and method of implementation are appropriate for Think Corner.

Events where topics related to politics, religion, values or beliefs are discussed must be multi-voiced. This means that the event must include experts representing different opinions and perspectives. Think Corner reserves the right to assess whether the requirement on the multi-voiced nature of events is fulfilled.

If the event is organised by a company or another commercial operator, the event content must take into account convergences with science and research.

Events for invited guests can be held in the Think Corner facilities, but such events cannot be closed to the general public unless the maximum occupancy of the building is reached. Limited catering can be arranged for guests in conjunction with events. Think Corner reserves the right to decide when the maximum occupancy of the building is reached and when stewards must be placed at the entrances to control access.

Think Corner is closed in accordance with separately announced summer and public holiday opening hours.

Our event policy
  • Hosted discussion events on scientific topics and scientific discourse on current topics
  • New, innovative and interactive methods of popularising science
  • Interviews with researchers and specialists, as well as addresses of a high standard, such as a presentation for the public by an important visitor to a scientific conference
  • Publication of research results obtained at the University of Helsinki 
  • Events increasing the impact of science and research-based publications
  • Stakeholder and coworking events for members of the University community and its stakeholders
  • Individual showcases belonging to lecture series or workshop-based courses
  • Scientific demonstrations and practice-based research projects
  • Academic events enriching the social life on campus, participation in urban events
  • Private events and parties, festive seminars and staff events (The event facilities cannot be closed for private use, nor can the entire building be booked for a single event.)
  • Lecture series and course-like workshops
  • Intensive panel discussions (with more than five panellists)
  • Full-day events, seminars and conferences
  • Info sessions with no connection to the mission of Think Corner (such as public sector info sessions unrelated to research, science or academic interaction)
  • Corporate events, commercial promotions, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. with no connection to science, research-based product development, university cooperation or the programming themes of Think Corner
  • Poster exhibitions
  • One-sided political or religious events
  • Workshops for more than 30 people