Stage, located on the entrance level, is the main event space at Think Corner.
Think Corner Stage

Stage is suitable for events with 100-150 attendees. Stage is located next to a café, and the space has tables and chairs for approximately 100 people. In addition to the tables, seating can be supplemented by installing rows of chairs in the space. Stage is not suited for organising workshops.

Stage at Think Corner is available for events held in predetermined two-hour slots, from Monday to Friday at 9.00–11.00, 13.00–15.00 and 17.00–19.00. Booking consecutive slots is not permitted. Events cannot be held simultaneously at Stage and Fönster. There can be two events at Stage per weekday.

The fa­cil­ity rent in­cludes

  • Space and furnishing for 100-150 people.
  • A stage (7x3 m) and AV equipment (six microphones).
  • Event organisation support before the event, customer service and technical support for Think Corner equipment during the event.
  • Live video recording of the event with one stationary Think Corner camera and an unedited completed recording. Subtitles for recordings are not included.
  • Visibility for the event in the University’s event calendar, on the info screens at Think Corner entrances on the day of the event and on wall projections at Stage during the event.

Fa­cil­ity equip­ment


You will have six microphones at your disposal. There are different types of microphones available:

  • wireless headset microphones
  • wireless handheld microphones
  • Catchbox microphone
  • 2 pairs of speakers (Presonus ULT10 + ULT18 SUB)
  • Line level signal is available for third party broadcasters. If you need more than five microphones please see Additional services subject to a fee.


  • The broad wall has room for two adjacent images (aspect ratio 16:9) or one very wide image (aspect ratio 3.5:1).
  • The end wall at the Yliopistonkatu entrance has room for a small projection.


  • Atmospheric lighting is possible in the space with various light sources, some of which are equipped with different colours.


  • The service includes streaming with a single camera.

Additional services subject to a fee

  • 8 wireless headset microphones, 2 wireless handheld microphones, 2 Catchbox microphones OR 6 wireless headset microphones, 4 wireless handheld microphones, 2 Catchbox microphones.
  • Multi-camera streaming with three to five cameras


The broad selection at Tiedekulma Cafe can provide food and drinks for any event. Nutritious breakfasts and lunches, sumptuous snacks, hors d’oeuvres and drinks – we can do it all.  Think Corner event venues are licensed to serve alcohol, so it is prohibited to bring your own alcohol beverages.

Ask more about our catering services: tiedekulma(at)


Enquiries on the suitability and availability of Stage must be made no less than four weeks before the desired event date. There can be two events at Stage per weekday.

Please check the availability of Stage in Optime (spring 2024) before submitting a facility enquiry. Please use the week-view in the Optime calendar instead of the month- view, so you can see all the markings and other reservations in the calendar. See also the Think Corner event policy and price list