Anniversary donations are a gift to science

Anniversary donations can become permanent contributions to the development of academic knowledge. They are also a strong message to those close to you: by allocating remembrances dedicated to you to research and teaching, you have the opportunity to communicate about the values and affairs important to you.

Several anniversary campaigns are organised each year. Donations made in the 2000s belong to the same continuum as the University of Helsinki Funds dating back to the 18th century. Among the most significant first donors was Professor, Assistant Judge Johan J. Haartman, whose donation in 1787, and last will and testament in 1786, supported the professorship in anatomy, surgery and midwifery, in addition to which scholarships to medical students were granted from the funds. His donations instigated practical medical training, which had a great impact on the development of the entire field.

We will help you design a personal message and celebrate your anniversary in a manner best suited to you. Below are detailed instructions on making an anniversary donation.

As the organiser of an anniversary fundraising campaign, you are also welcome to join Club Giraffe, our donor community.