The Master's programme in Data Science: Portfolio

In the admission procedure of the Master’s Programme in Data Science a portfolio is meant for describing applicant’s skills and knowledge that are related to the areas of data science named in the admission criteria of the programme and that are obtained outside the degree used as a basis for eligibility. This can be for example additional courses, work experience etc.

The portfolio is not a compulsory enclosure to the application, and you can apply for the programme also without the portfolio. If you have obtained data science related knowledge and skills in addition to your degree, you should enclose the portfolio to your application. Write your portfolio in English. Describe only skills and knowledge related to the areas named in the admissions criteria. The portfolio should be in pdf-format, and the size of the file should not exceed 20 MB.

In the portfolio you are expected to describe up to 3 examples of relevant skills / areas of expertise / qualifications / areas of proficiency related to the skills and knowledge required for admission in the admission criteria of the programme. For each of your chosen example, the portfolio should give the following information:

  • To which area of data science named or skill required in the admission criteria is your chosen example related to? How is it related to this area / skill?
  • Specify your learning outcomes. What did you learn more specifically within your chosen example? Give key concepts and also describe the skills you acquired.
  • Specify your learning methods. How did you learn the skills you acquired? If you have taken additional courses, please give the details of the courses, such as organiser, form of studies, amount of work invested in the course. If you learned at work, please explain what you did to learn your new skills.
  • Please demonstrate that you have really learned new skills and acquired additional knowledge. Have you been awarded official certificates or qualifications? If you learnt your new skills or acquired additional knowledge in a project or while working, do you have a certificate of employment, a reference from your employer or a project work you could share? Do you have a document, for example learning diary, to explain your individual learning process? Please attach all the relevant documents to your portfolio.

Please note that you can have links to your courses / projects etc. in your portfolio, but it is not acceptable to have just links. Please provide only the most relevant and important links. Please note that the portfolio must be written in English. However, if you have been awarded certificates or you have received references in Finnish or Swedish, you do not need to translate them, but you can attach them to your portfolio in original language.

Send your portfolio in pdf-format (max. file size 20 MB) to the following email address: The deadline for submitting the portfolio is January 12, 2018 by 15.00 (3 p.m. local Finnish time). You will receive a confirmation by email in few days when your portfolio has been received.