Guidance for immigrants

simhe kaksi opiskelijaa


The University of Helsinki offers guidance for immigrants, who are interested in studying in a Finnish Higher Education Institution. In the University’s guidance services you will get information on how to apply to a Finnish Higher Education Institution. If you have already studied in higher education, we can advise you in continuing or supplementing your studies in Finland. We will help you to identify your chances in the Finnish education system, and to find your own study path.

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When you contact us, please tell us about

  • your possible plans and questions
  • your previous studies: what have you studied, have you graduated
  • your language skills (especially English and Finnish/Swedish)
  • have you studied or worked in Finland
  • what do you want to study, and how much (a single course – a whole degree)


SIMHE – Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education


University of Helsinki is a member of the Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland (SIMHE) network. The network aims to support immigrants in their studies in higher education and in integration. The other higher education institutions in the network are Universities of Turku and Jyväskylä, and Metropolia, Karelia and Oulu Universities of Applied Sciences.

The activities aim at guiding immigrants in questions regarding the Finnish higher education system. In addition to guidance in applying to education, the subjects can be, for example, the processes of recognition of prior learning, and complementary studies. The goal is to speed up the immigrants integration and to facilitate entering a position in the Finnish labour market matching the immigrants professional profile.


Universtiy of Helsinki SIMHE Customer Register

SIMHE gathers data of their customers to the SIMHE Customer Register with the purpose of customer service and compilation of statistics. Detailed information concerning data gathered from the customers can be found from the SIMHE Customer Register Personal Data File Description. The e-mail address of the customer will solely be used for the purpose of SIMHE customer service.

See here for more information concerning the SIMHE Customer Register Personal Data File